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Bannock County Noxious Weed Control in Pocatello Idaho

Landowner Request To Refrain From Roadside Herbicide Applications

Effective Noxious Weed Control requires a County-wide effort.  In some circumstances, we can allow the land-owner / occupier to take over the responsibility of limited sections of road-front ground to maintain that weed control.

If, at any time, it appears that effective control of noxious weeds is not being maintained by the land-owner / occupier, Bannock County may step in to apply appropriate weed control at the land-owner's / occupier's expense.

If you wish to be responsible for the weed control on your roadside property, please download and print the form below.  Bring your completed form to the Bannock County Noxious Weed Control office at 1500 North Fort Hall Mine Road, Pocatello, Idaho for review.

Landowner Request to Refrain from Roadside Herbicide Applications (PDF)

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