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Community Education

Education is a very important part of the fight against Noxious Weeds in Bannock County.  We want residents to be aware of what plants are considered to be Noxious Weeds and discover what they can do to help.  We participate in the Eastern Idaho State Fair, the Bannock County Fair, the Portneuf Valley Environmental Fair, and various "Ag Days" in an effort to share our knowledge and engage the public in the Noxious Weed battle.


We want to involve our youth in Noxious Weed management. They are the next generation and will take over where we leave off. For this reason, the Utah-Idaho Cooperative Weed Management Area sponsors an essay contest for high school students.

We deliver the instructions with a pre-determined theme to a participating teacher at each of the County's high schools. Students write an essay about that year's theme. The essays are graded to determine 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners for each high school.

At that point, the 1st place winners from each school are graded again to determine a grand prize winner for the U-I CWMA area. Each winner is presented with a check prize based on their placement.


For younger kids, we participate in the Swore Farm Ag Days. The curriculum for 4th graders is Idaho History and Agriculture is a very big part of Idaho's History. Swore Farm hosts area 4th graders to teach them about farming and what goes into the food they eat. We participate in these Ag Days to teach the students about the Noxious Weeds that can cause problems for farmers and what they can look for and do to help.

More information about the Swore Farm Ag Days

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