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Update: Investigation Ongoing into Ibuprofen-laced Hot Dogs found on Trails

by | Feb 11, 2022 | Sheriff Press Releases

The Bannock County Sheriff’s Office, in cooperation with the U.S. Forest Service Law Enforcement and the Bureau of Land Management, is asking the public for information relating to reports of the hotdogs laced with ibuprofen found on popular local dog-walking trails. A small amount of ibuprofen can be toxic, even deadly for dogs. Reports of at least three injuries including the death of at least one dog remain under investigation. 

“For so many of us, dogs are part of our families, so it’s absolutely understandable these reports are very upsetting,” said Sgt. Jon Everson with the Bannock County Sheriff’s Office. “Local and federal law enforcement are doing all we can to learn more about what’s happened and who might be responsible.”

Investigators are asking the public to:

  • Be vigilant for any suspicious activity near trailheads or along walking paths
  • Never compromise your own safety, but as the situation allows, be a good witness; if possible, document the activity and include a detailed description of the person and type of activity including make, color, and/or license plate of any involved vehicle.
  • Report the suspicious activity as soon as possible to the Bannock County Sheriff’s Office 208-236-7111.Suspicious activity could be anything regular trail users recognize as odd or out of the ordinary.

Detectives are aware of a reward fund created by concerned citizens intended to assist with finding information in this case. Although the Bannock County Sheriff’s Office understands the public concern over these recent reports, please know that at this time the Sheriff’s Office cannot suggest or recommend donations to any reward fund. Anyone with a tip or information that may be useful to the investigation is urged to report the information directly to the Sheriff’s Office. 

Trail cameras are part of regular forest management. While investigative techniques cannot be made public so as not to compromise the ongoing investigation, anyone who sees a trail cam is asked to respect the property and leave the item in place. Again, the best assistance the public can provide is to be aware of suspicious or unusual activity, document it if possible, and report the activity or any other tips directly to investigators as quickly as possible.    

Recognizing dog owners care a great deal about the health and safety of their pets, owners are reminded to always keep their dog controlled in places where the dog’s safety may be at risk or where rules require that dogs be kept on a leash. 

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