Bannock County Courthouse in Pocatello Idaho

About The Bannock County Treasurer

The county treasurer is elected every four years. In addition to the primary duty of handling county funds, the treasurer is also ex officio tax collector, ex officio public administrator, and the representative in the collection of certain occupational license taxes, i.e. auctioneer and pawnbroker licenses. The salary is set by the board of county commissioners. The treasurer is authorized to appoint as many deputies as may be necessary to discharge the duties of the office within budgetary limits approved by the commissioners.


A primary responsibility of the treasurer’s office is making sure the money collected and received is invested safely. The interest earned is included as income in the county budget and has the effect of reducing property taxes.

The county treasurer is responsible for receiving all moneys belonging to the county, accounting for their receipt, and safely keeping these funds and is also responsible for the disbursing money from the county treasury. Also the treasurer is responsible for keeping records of the receipts and expenditures from all funds. The treasurer makes a monthly statement with the auditor and is presented to the county commissioners for their review.


A primary responsibility of the county treasurer’s office is the collection of all real and personal property taxes within the county. Taxes are collected for the calendar year and the treasurer sends out property tax notices that are to be collected. Half or all of the property taxes is due on or before December 20th and the second half is due anytime before June 20th. If either installment is not paid by the due dates, a penalty of two percent and interest at one percent per month is added and calculated as of January 1st.

A monthly payment schedule may also be allowed for the payment of delinquent or future taxes.

All taxes are balanced and then spread to the various taxing districts within the county.

The treasurers office is responsible for collecting special assessments for water districts, fire protection

districts, local improvement districts and yield tax on timber sales.

The treasurers office is responsible for furnishing detailed and verified tax information to lending institutions, title companies, realtors, accountants, taxing districts, and individual taxpayers.

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