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Bannock County Treasurer

About the Treasurer:

Jennifer started working in the Treasurer’s office in March of 1998. She has worked under three different Treasurers which has given her the opportunity to learn all of the functions of how the Treasurers office runs. She was proudly elected the Bannock County Treasurer in November 2018.

She has lived in Southeast Idaho since she was a small child. She grew up in Soda Springs and moved to Pocatello to attend Idaho State University and never left. Before working at the County, she worked for West One Bank (now US Bank) for 6 years.

Jennifer’s family has a rich tradition of civil service. Her father was in the US Navy, her husband is a firefighter for the City of Chubbuck, and her son is serving in the US Airforce. She loves living in this community and is proud to have the opportunity to serve the Taxpayers of Bannock County.

Mission Statement                                                               

The mission of Bannock County’s Treasurer’s Office is to bring citizens the continued, effective, courteous, and considerate service that they deserve and to which they are accustomed.

About the Treasurer’s Office:

Responsibilities includes continuing the excellent customer service that has been established in this office, collecting and accounting for the property taxes assessed by the County and the other taxing districts; receiving all moneys belonging to the county; keeping records of the receipts and expenditures from all funds; making monthly statements with auditor and presenting to county commissioners; investing county funds safely; and serving as personal representative for the estate of deceased persons when no relative is able or willing to serve as administrator.

As Bannock County Treasurer the goal is to find avenues that work to help the taxpayer. One goal was to bring back the process of tax billing in-house. This took a lot of cooperation with other offices that are involved in this process. By bringing the tax billing in-house this saved county money which in turn saves the tax payer money.

My staff and I are always willing to assist taxpayers with their questions and problems. Our Mission Statement is; to bring our citizens the continued, effective, courteous and considerate service that they deserve and to which they are accustomed. We pride ourselves in being helpful, accurate and professional in our interactions with our customers and to make the tax paying process as pleasant as possible. If you have any further questions that this web site does not address, please contact our office and we will be happy to help.

Bannock County Treasurer’s Office Staff
Jennifer, Lori, Misty, Katy, Radiance, Kris, Mandy

For Information Call:
Questions regarding the taxing districts that receive revenue from your property taxes: Numbers are listed on this website under Taxing Districts.

Questions regarding the assessed value of your property (including Home Owner’s Exemptions, Circuit Breaker, Property Tax Reductions, or Change of Address:
Bannock County Assessor’s Office 208-236-7260

Questions regarding your tax bill:
Bannock County Treasurer, Jennifer Clark 208-236-7220

Other questions:
Bannock County Commissioners  208-236-7210

To pay online and pay with credit card, debit card, or E-check, click here.


Pay By Phone Using Your Credit Card: 
Call 208-236-7220
Have your parcel number and bill number available.

Mail Your Payment:
Bannock County Treasurer
624 East Center, Room 203
Pocatello, ID 83201
Be sure to write your parcel number on your check.

Pay In Person:
Bannock County Courthouse
624 E Center, RM 203
Pocatello, ID  83201
Have your parcel number and bill number available.

December 20 – last day to pay current year full tax payments or first half tax payments without late charge and interest on the first half.

January 2 – First day to apply for current year Homeowner’s Exemption or Circuit Breaker Benefits.

April 15 – Last day to apply for current year Homeowner’s Exemption or Circuit Breaker Benefits.

June 20 – Last day to pay current year second half tax payments without a late charge and interest, calculated from January 1 (Not June 21st).

Property Owner/Taxpayer Responsibilities and Reminders

Be aware of the important dates and deadlines for payments, applications for property tax relief and assessment appeals. Taxes are due upon receipt of tax statements.

It is very important that you be aware of your property tax due dates. Tax bills are mailed on each parcel not coded for a Mortgage Company however; failure to receive a tax bill does not excuse the taxpayer of the tax, late charge or interest liability.

Make sure that you notify the assessor’s office whenever your mailing address changes. You can contact their office at 208-236-7260.

When mailing your tax payment, make sure the envelope is postmarked on or before the due date.

If you will be traveling or out of the country at the time taxes are due, contact our office for an “estimated tax amount” so that you can prepay or make other arrangements to pay by the due date.

Proof of payment of property taxes is the RESPONSIBILITY OF THE TAXPAYER. [Idaho Code 63-1306(2)]. Be sure to keep accurate records, receipts and cancelled checks documenting your payment.

NOTE: The Treasurer’s Office includes with your current tax notice the June 20th Second Half Payment Stub as well as a Reminder. The Treasurer/Tax Collector does not have legal authority to forgive or waive any late fee or interest charge.

Tax Payment Cycles and Due Dates
Due Dates – Primary Roll

In the State of Idaho, the property tax year runs from January 1st to December 31st, a calendar year.

All taxes on property assessed on the “Primary” Assessment Roll for the tax year are billed by the 4th Monday in November with a due date of December 20th (or the first business day following).

The taxpayer is given the option of paying the taxes in full or in two equal halves on or
before December 20th of the tax year. The second half must then be paid no later than
June 20th of the following year. If the 20th falls on a weekend, the due date will be
extended to the first business day following the 20th.

If the first half of the tax amount is not paid by the December 20th due date, a late charge
[Idaho Code 63-201(7)] equal to 2% of the delinquent first half amount is added to the
first half tax amount. Interest at the rate of 1% per month (Idaho Code 63-1001) will
accrue on the delinquent first half tax beginning on January 1st. (Idaho Code 63-903)

If the second half of the tax amount is not paid on or before June 20th of the following
year, that half becomes delinquent and a 2% late charge is added.. Interest on delinquent
second half taxes is calculated at the rate of 1% per month dating back to January 1st of
that year.

Taxpayers often have difficulty understanding why, if they pay their second half taxes
only a few days after the June 20th due date, they must pay six months of interest on the
delinquent second half. Under Idaho Code, the full year taxes are DUE on December
20th. To ease the burden of payment of the taxes in a lump sum, however, the law gives
the taxpayer the option of paying one-half of the tax amount on or before December 20th
and deferring payment (an extension) of the second half taxes until June 20th of the
following year without any late charge or interest. If, however, the payment is not
received (or postmarked) by June 20th, the late charge and interest is added as if the tax
became delinquent after the original December 20th due date.

Please Note: Additional collection procedures exist on delinquent Mobile Home and
Personal Property taxes. These procedures include additional fees, loss of the extension
option on the second half, and collection by the sheriff on a Warrant of Distraint.

Tax Bills
(Idaho Code 63-902)

Idaho Code 63-902 specifies the tax billing procedure for property taxes. There is only one
required billing under State Code and that is the bill that must be mailed on or before the
fourth Monday of November in each year. The delinquent notices that Bannock County
sends out are courtesy billings, provided as a service to taxpayers of Bannock County.
This particular code section also states what information must be on the tax notice.

Of significant interest is subsection (9) “Failure to mail such property tax notice, or receipt
of said notice by the taxpayer, shall not invalidate the property taxes, or any proceedings in
the collection of property taxes, or any proceedings in the foreclosure of property tax
liens.” Simplified this means that late charges, interest and warrant fees, etc., must be
paid even if the bill is not received by the taxpayer.

Note: The Treasurer’s Office Includes with your Current Tax Notice the June 20th Second Half
Payment Stub as well as a Reminder.

Postmark Accepted as Payment by Due Date
[Idaho Code 63-217-1(a)]

If the payment is postmarked on or before the due date, it will be accepted as paid on or
before the due date. A postage meter cancellation is not an acceptable post office
cancellation mark.

Partial Payments

We can accept partial payments of any amount at any time on delinquent taxes. Interest
will continue to accrue on the unpaid delinquent balance at the rate of 1% per month.
Partial prepayments of at least $25 can be applied toward current year or future taxes on
both real, mobile home and personal property.

Sub-roll and Occupancy
(Properties with late entries on current year or new construction)


The first tax notice for the land will be mailed in November and due December 20th and
June 20th
The second tax notice for sub-roll and occupancy will be mailed in January, due February
. The second installment will be due on or before June 20th
. This tax notice is
prorated from the time of occupancy or completion to December 31st of the previous
year.The Occupancy bills may not be coded for billing directly to your mortgage company. If
your mortgage company will be paying the bill, please forward it to them immediately.
Sub-roll bills are late entries to the tax roll, and may not be coded for billing directly to
your mortgage company. If your mortgage company will be paying the bill, please
forward it to them immediately.
Mail Early—payments mailed must be postmarked on or before the 20th due date and
have a US Postal cancellation mark to be considered current. A postage meter is not an
acceptable postal cancellation.

Due Date Exceptions

Exceptions to the basic due date rules for property taxes may occur under the following

  • Demand Tax Bill – Business Personal Property – If a business closes or equipment
    sells, the assessor/treasurer may request that a Demand Tax Bill be issued for
    immediate collection of business personal property tax.
  • Demand Tax Bill – Manufactured Home (Burned/Demolished/Moved/Sold) – If the
    assessor/treasurer discovers that a manufactured home in his/her area has burned or
    has been demolished, moved or sold without prepayment of the current year taxes,
    the assessor/treasurer will request that a Demand Tax Bill be issued for immediate
  • Extended Due Dates – Due to Adjustment/Refund or other special circumstance –
    If an adjustment has been approved, a revised billing may be sent showing an
    extended due date


Reminder, 1st half property taxes are due December 20 of current year & 2nd half are due June 20 of the next year. Tax amounts and payments are not available on this web site, at this time. Call the Treasurer’s office for information. If paying after the due date, please call 208-236-7220 for the amount due with late charge and interest.

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Make a secured payment by clicking the title above. Pay with credit card, debit card, or E-Check.

Other Bannock County Web Maps

Here you can find other Bannock County public maps including public access roads, polling locations, recreational sites, emergency information and more. The map applications on this site were created by Bannock County GIS staff.

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