Southeast Idaho Special Tactics And Response (STAR)

STAR Team Southeast Idaho Special Tactics and Response

The Southeast Idaho Special Tactics and Response (STAR) Team was originally formed in 1979 with five team members from the Bannock County Sheriff’s Office.  The team responded to critical incidents throughout Southeast Idaho for many years, and eventually consisted of seventeen certified and highly trained officers.

In January of 2009, seven Sheriff’s in Southeast Idaho signed a Memorandum of Understanding, and policy and procedure manual which expanded the STAR Team’s personnel to thirty-two members, with a response area of seven counties.

Southeast Idaho MapThe STAR Team responds and handles critical incidents that require special training, and experience.  These incidents consist of, but are not limited to, the following: barricaded gunmen/hostage incidents, high risk search or arrest warrants, active shooter incidents, civil disobedience or crowd control, and dignitary/VIP protection.

The team consists of tactical team leaders, hostage negotiators, entry or immediate action team members, and sniper/observers.  All of the team members have attended basic swat school and have received specialized training for their assignment on the team.  The team also utilizes special equipment to assist with the resolution of critical incidents

The seven counties included are Bannock County, Bear Lake County, Caribou County, Franklin County, Oneida County,  Power County and part of Bingham County.


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