Bannock County Sheriff and Detention Center

Bannock County Sheriff's Search & Rescue Division

Bannock County Sheriff’s Search & Rescue Division

Bannock County Sheriff's Search & Rescue is a Specialized Emergency Response Team.  This division is made up entirely of volunteers serving Bannock County who are on call 24/7. While we are not paid, we are none the less professionals and conduct ourselves as such. We each share in the pride of our unit's excellent performance, and service to the citizens of Bannock County.

Our team responds for major crashes or incidents within Bannock County as needed. We may close roads, provide traffic-control, extrication, as well as wilderness or back-country searches and/or rescues.


We are Always looking for the next great addition to our team !! Please fill out the application below and bring it to the Sheriff's office at:

Sheriff & Detention Center
5800 S. 5th Avenue
Pocatello, Idaho 83201

Bannock County Application for Search and Rescue Volunteer (.docx requires Microsoft Word or Apache OpenOffice)
Bannock County Application for Search and Rescue Volunteer (PDF requires Adobe Reader)

Note: Before your application can be considered for probationary membership, a background check will be conducted by the Criminal Investigations division which includes your past driving record and convictions. The information received from this check will have a direct bearing on your acceptance to this team.

Bannock County Search and Rescue Commander T. DannerThank you for your interest -
(208) 251-2911 
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Bannock County Sheriff's Search and Rescue truckBannock County Search and Rescue at work


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