Bannock County Sheriff and Detention Center

Bannock County Sheriff’s Office Mission Statement

The Bannock County Sheriff’s Office is committed to protect the lives, property, and rights of all people. We are dedicated to maintain order, and enforce the laws. We are responsible for the professional care and custody of those confined in our jail, the security of our courts, and the prompt investigation of crime when it occurs. We believe crime prevention is a principle goal; we will pursue those who commit crime. Our highest priority is the protection of human life and to ensure the safety and well being of the men and women of the Bannock County Sheriff’s Office.

It is our mission to improve and maintain the quality of life we enjoy and ensure that our county is a safe place to live, work, and visit. We are wholly and completely dedicated to this mission, the county we serve, and accept the responsibility of attaining our goal of achieving excellence within our profession. We understand the integrity of this Office must never be compromised, and we will constantly strive to reach the highest standards of honesty and honor. We will lead by example, and realize it is essential that we are willing and able to assist other area law enforcement agencies to enhance the safety and quality of life for all. Service is the primary purpose of our profession.

The Bannock County Sheriff’s Office will strive to accomplish this mission by setting goals and objectives and practicing the principles of this organization.

Bannock County Sheriff’s Office Operating Principles

Integrity… Being honest, trustworthy, truthful, loyal, ethical, and fair in all of our personal and professional conduct.

Nurturing… We empower our employees to be caring, compassionate, and kind.

Service… Earn trust of the community and others through commitment, dedication, and fairness.

Professionalism… in our actions, conduct, and job performance. Constantly striving for ever-rising standards through training, education, and personal growth.

Innovation… Our vision to be proactive through forward thinking and open-mindedness.

Respect… We will treat all people and each other with dignity, courtesy, tolerance, and sympathetic listening.

Excellence… in everything we do. Seeking to improve and excel always.


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