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Bannock County Detention Center

Our Detention Division consists of 62 highly trained deputies with the Uniformed Detention Deputies being Idaho POST Certified. We have several deputies that are POST Certified Instructors in various fields that take care of the majority of our training and certification needs in-house.

In 1955, a new jail was built to house 72 inmates. It provided almost 40 years of service before inmate population growth demanded that a new larger facility be constructed. This new modern facility, the current one, was constructed in 1994 housing 264 inmates. We implemented several direct supervision housing units within the new facility which was a new approach for the staff.

With continuing inmate population growth we have double-bunked several cells to meet the growth demand.  In June 2017 we double bunked 10 cells in C-Pod Female.  In January 2018 we double bunked 10 cells in D-Pod.  In July 2019 we double bunked 4 cells in C-Pod Disciplinary, 4 cells in C-Pod Maximum, and added 2 bunks to Large E.  In December 2019 we double bunked 4 cells in D-Pod, 8 cells in C-Pod Disciplinary, 4 cells in C-Pod Maximum, and 4 cells in C-Pod Medium.  In February 2020 we double bunked 16 cells in D-Pod. We were fortunate the original construction of the facility in 1994 allowed us to double bunk these cells and still be within Idaho Jail Standards.  Our current rated capacity is 330 inmates.

In June 1993 the Detention Division developed a specialized program called SCILD (Sheriff/Commissioner’s Inmate Labor Detail) Team, made up of low-risk inmates who provided community service work rather than spending time in jail. This program provided more beds for those who need confinement due to the nature of the crime committed and at the same time provided a great service to the community by completing clean up and service projects. Due to the inmate population growth and double bunking we had higher staffing demands in the detention facility so we were forced to dismantle this program in 2017 to utilize the staff in the detention facility.  Our hopes are to someday re-implement the program.

In November 2016 we were the first adult detention facility in the State of Idaho to become PREA (Prison Rape Elimination Act) complainant.  We continue to maintain our compliancy as we were certified compliant after our second audit December 2019.

Included in our Detention Division is DART (Detention Automatic Response Team), composed of specialty trained Detention Officers who perform the tactical operations of the facility including cell extractions, riot/disorder control, and cell searches for hidden contraband and weapons. Our office was the first in the state to develop this type of team.  We have a specialty trained Detention Division Investigation Team that conducts the majority of the investigations within the facility including assault, contraband conveyance, and PREA allegations to name a few. These investigations are instrumental and have drastically reduced the detective’s work load as previously they conducted all detention investigations.  The team averages approximately 65 investigations a year. We also have a well-rounded and experienced FTO (Field Training Officer) Program that work very hard training our new staff to meet the high and stressful demands of the facility.

We are very proud of and admire all of the staff for their continued dedication, professionalism and integrity. We know they will always do their utmost best providing service and protection to the inmates, public, and one another.

Visitor Information Handbook – Please read before communicating with an inmate!

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Post a Bond for someone at the Sheriff’s Office or call 208-236-7125.

Bannock County Incidents Reports

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Prison Rape Elimination Act Standards

Prison Rape Elimination Act – Compliance and Investigations

Prison Rape Elimination Act – PREA Auditor’s Final Summary Report 11/09/16

Prison Rape Elimination Act – PREA Auditor’s Final Summary Report 12/03/19

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Bannock County Sheriff & Detention Center

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