Bannock County Court House Security


 We have installed three concealed weapons detectors as part of courthouse security. We want it to be safer for you to do business in the courthouse. The detectors do not put out any kind of rays. They will not hurt a pregnant person or interrupt a heart pacemaker. If a detector does not detect anything it thinks is a weapon, the door will unlock. You will be able to walk right into the courthouse. If the detector thinks you have a weapon, the door that goes into the courthouse will remain locked. You will be asked to put the object on a pedestal so we can see it through a camera.

If you use a wheelchair, a baby stroller, or a baby carrier, please use the east door by Auto License.

For your convenience, you can drop your payments in our new payment drop box located next to the driveup mailboxes on East Center. The box will be checked once each morning and once each afternoon.

Suggestion: When you come into the courthouse, bring only the paperwork you need to do your business. Leave your cell phones, pagers, day planners, guns, knives, etc. in your car. It will make going through the detector much easier!


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