Bannock County Bike Patrol

Bannock County’s bike patrol was started in the early 1990’s, with two bikes. They quickly proved to be a very efficient and effective way to patrol the small towns and large residential areas of both northern and southern Bannock County. The officers found that they were more approachable by the public, which allowed for more informal interactions and contributed to our commitment to community policing and the working partnership we share with the people of Bannock County. The duties of the bike patrols have expanded to include special events, large gatherings, youth education, park patrols, crowd control, traffic enforcement, extra patrol in high crime areas, these are just a few of the things they do.

Bannock County Deputies handle all the same police functions as regular patrol deputies only on bikes. They allow greater mobility and flexibility in patrolling and in many situations deputies on bikes can respond quicker and more efficiently than those officers in cars or on foot, because of time, location, and distance restraints. Bicycle patrol is proactive law enforcement. That is deputies are out looking to prevent criminal activity and intervene in criminal activity instead of just responding to a crime that has already occurred.

Benefits of bike patrols include:

  • Cost effectiveness.
  • Ability to patrol areas unreachable by patrol cars.
  • Officers on bikes are viewed as more approachable than officers in cars.
  • Unique and effective public relation tool.
  • More stealth in detecting crimes in progress.


The bike patrol officers of Bannock County Sheriff’s Office are dedicated to the people of Bannock County and to providing community based policing, along with greater visibility and a healthier and greener way to patrol our county and keep it safe.


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