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Office of Emergency Management

Sheriff’s Office & Detention Center

About the Sheriff’s Office

Established in 1893, the Bannock County Sheriff’s Office is committed to protecting the lives, property, and rights of all people. The Office consists of approximately 150 employees that serve more than 87,000 residents. The Office assists the police departments of Pocatello, Chubbuck, and Inkom, and serves as the sole law enforcement agency for the communities of McCammon, Lava Hot Springs, Arimo, and Downey. In addition to patrol, the Office provides search and rescue services, jail services, driver’s licensing, concealed weapons permits, civil processes, and emergency dispatch. Among the BCSO’s many accomplishments is the fact that they were the first county within the State to introduce a dual purpose K-9 program.


Administrative/Lobby Hours

7 a.m. – 6 p.m. Monday – Thursday


Non-Emergencies: 208-236-7111
Administration: 208-236-7123
Detention (Jail): 208-236-7125
Civil Division: 208-236-7195


5800 S. 5th Avenue
Pocatello, Idaho 83204
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View Sheriff Reports

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Tony Manu

Tony Manu

Bannock County Sheriff

Sheriff Tony Manu was elected in November 2020 after spending 28 years as a deputy. Raised in Hawaii and California, Manu moved to Pocatello in 1986 to play football at Idaho State University. He joined the Office in 1992 as a detention deputy and worked his way through the ranks. In his role as Sheriff, Manu is emphasizing improving the services the Office provides, specifically mental health and medical services for people in the detention center.

Sex Offender Registry

Idaho Sex Offender Registry

Download the free OffenderWatch Family Safety App to view where registered sex offenders are located in your area.

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VINE is the nation’s most reliable and confidential source for updated custody status and criminal case information. Register and stay informed.

Access Corrections offers fast, easy, secure ways to deposit money into your loved ones’ account and make probation & parole payments.

About the Sheriff’s Office

Mission Statement

The Bannock County Sheriff’s Office is committed to protect the lives, property, and rights of all people. We are dedicated to maintain order, and enforce the laws. We are responsible for the professional care and custody of those confined in our jail, the security of our courts, and the prompt investigation of crime when it occurs. We believe crime prevention is a principle goal; we will pursue those who commit crime. Our highest priority is the protection of human life and to ensure the safety and well being of the men and women of the Bannock County Sheriff’s Office.

It is our mission to improve and maintain the quality of life we enjoy and ensure that our county is a safe place to live, work, and visit. We are wholly and completely dedicated to this mission, the county we serve, and accept the responsibility of attaining our goal of achieving excellence within our profession. We understand the integrity of this Office must never be compromised, and we will constantly strive to reach the highest standards of honesty and honor. We will lead by example, and realize it is essential that we are willing and able to assist other area law enforcement agencies to enhance the safety and quality of life for all. Service is the primary purpose of our profession.

The Bannock County Sheriff’s Office will strive to accomplish this mission by setting goals and objectives and practicing the principles of this organization.

Bannock County Sheriff’s Office Operating Principles

Integrity… Being honest, trustworthy, truthful, loyal, ethical, and fair in all of our personal and professional conduct.

Nurturing… We empower our employees to be caring, compassionate, and kind.

Service… Earn trust of the community and others through commitment, dedication, and fairness.

Professionalism… in our actions, conduct, and job performance. Constantly striving for ever-rising standards through training, education, and personal growth.

Innovation… Our vision to be proactive through forward thinking and open-mindedness.

Respect… We will treat all people and each other with dignity, courtesy, tolerance, and sympathetic listening.

Excellence… in everything we do. Seeking to improve and excel always.

Bannock County Driver's License Division

The Bannock County Sheriff’s Office is responsible for issuing Idaho driver’s licenses, Idaho State identification cards, and driver’s license permits.

View the Bannock County Driver’s License webpage for more information.

*Note: The Bannock County Driver’s License operates by APPOINTMENTS ONLY.

Located: 5800 S. 5th Ave, Pocatello ID.

Phone: 208-236-7258 *You must call to make an appointment.*

Hours: Monday – Thursday 7:00 am to 6:00 pm (We stop testing at 4:00PM)

*Closed Fridays and all Federal Holidays.

Online Driver’s License Services From the State of Idaho


The Records Division is responsible for processing the criminal complaints created by the Bannock County Sheriff’s Office. These consist of arrests, citations, and complaints.

Records Request

To request records from the Bannock County Sheriff’s Office, please submit a completed request form to [email protected] or return a physical copy to the Bannock County Clerk’s Office (624 East Center, Room 211 Pocatello).

Download a fillable PDF of the Sheriff Written Records Request Form

General Information

Office Hours:  7 am -6 pm Monday – Thursday

Reports:  $1.00 per report
Fingerprints: $5.00 per card
Sex Offenders: $80.00 (Annual registration, No cost on address change)

Any questions, please contact us at 208-236-7123

Found Property/Evidence Return

Call to make appointment at 208-236-7123

Concealed Weapons Permits

For questions on coverage or rules and regulations
State of Idaho Concealed Weapons Permit FAQs
or – Open and Concealed Carry Website

The cost for concealed weapons permits

New:  $56.10
Renewal: $37.85 permits 90 days past expiration $10.00 additional charge
Duplicate:  $2.85

Permits are good for 5 years


Police Services

Patrol Services

Our Patrol Division consists of 22 deputies, who provide twenty-four hour law enforcement services to all the unincorporated areas of the County and to four (4) contracted municipalities. Patrol areas amount to 1142 square miles, with a total county population of approximately 83,000. In addition, some patrol officers belong to our STAR (Special Tactics and Response)Team, and have received special training to handle hostage and other high risk incidents. Bannock County Sheriff’s Department started a rural Mountain Bike Patrol Unit, which we use to patrol areas within the County where instances make it more advantageous to use bicycles rather than patrol cars.

Interdiction Unit

In an effort to reduce crime and to provide a safe environment for citizens and visitors of Bannock County, the Bannock County Sheriff’s Office employs a criminal interdiction unit which consists of specially trained patrol deputies, narcotic detectives and canine handlers. These officers are given the specific duty to patrol the interstate system, county roadways and towns in a combined effort to detect and apprehend the drug traffickers and other criminal offenders that utilize the roadways of Bannock County.

Bike Patrol

Bannock County’s bike patrol was started in the early 1990’s, with two bikes. They quickly proved to be a very efficient and effective way to patrol the small towns and large residential areas of both northern and southern Bannock County. The officers found that they were more approachable by the public, which allowed for more informal interactions and contributed to our commitment to community policing and the working partnership we share with the people of Bannock County. The duties of the bike patrols have expanded to include special events, large gatherings, youth education, park patrols, crowd control, traffic enforcement, extra patrol in high crime areas, these are just a few of the things they do.


The BCSO Detective Division has 8 trained detectives working felony cases. We also have one detective who works directly with the Department of Health & Welfare in investigating child abuse cases. Our Department was an active participator in developing a multi-agency approach to child abuse investigation, which included creating a special interview room used exclusively for the interviewing of child abuse victims. Our protocol has been used as a model program for the State of Idaho.

K9 Program

K-9s (police service dogs) are a tremendous asset for law enforcement. Since the introduction of service dogs into Bannock County in 1989, these dogs have repeatedly shown their use as a locating tool. As a result of the K-9s, thousands of dollars in illegal drugs and drug money have been taken off the streets in Bannock County.

Search and Rescue

Bannock County Sheriff’s Search & Rescue is a Specialized Emergency Response Team.  This division is made up entirely of volunteers serving Bannock County who are on call 24/7. While we are not paid, we are none the less professionals and conduct ourselves as such. We each share in the pride of our unit’s excellent performance, and service to the citizens of Bannock County.

Search and Rescue Application

Southeast Idaho Special Tactics And Response (STAR)

The Southeast Idaho Special Tactics and Response (STAR) Team was originally formed in 1979 with five team members from the Bannock County Sheriff’s Office.  The team responded to critical incidents throughout Southeast Idaho for many years, and eventually consisted of seventeen certified and highly trained officers.

In January of 2009, seven Sheriff’s in Southeast Idaho signed a Memorandum of Understanding, and policy and procedure manual which expanded the STAR Team’s personnel to thirty-two members, with a response area of seven counties.

Southeast Idaho MapThe STAR Team responds and handles critical incidents that require special training, and experience.  These incidents consist of, but are not limited to, the following: barricaded gunmen/hostage incidents, high risk search or arrest warrants, active shooter incidents, civil disobedience or crowd control, and dignitary/VIP protection.

The team consists of tactical team leaders, hostage negotiators, entry or immediate action team members, and sniper/observers.  All of the team members have attended basic swat school and have received specialized training for their assignment on the team.  The team also utilizes special equipment to assist with the resolution of critical incidents.

Detention Center Information

Our Detention Division consists of 62 highly trained deputies with the Uniformed Detention Deputies being Idaho POST Certified. We have several deputies that are POST Certified Instructors in various fields that take care of the majority of our training and certification needs in-house.

In 1955, a new jail was built to house 72 inmates. It provided almost 40 years of service before inmate population growth demanded that a new larger facility be constructed. This new modern facility, the current one, was constructed in 1994 housing 264 inmates. We implemented several direct supervision housing units within the new facility which was a new approach for the staff.

With continuing inmate population growth we have double-bunked several cells to meet the growth demand.  In June 2017 we double bunked 10 cells in C-Pod Female.  In January 2018 we double bunked 10 cells in D-Pod.  In July 2019 we double bunked 4 cells in C-Pod Disciplinary, 4 cells in C-Pod Maximum, and added 2 bunks to Large E.  In December 2019 we double bunked 4 cells in D-Pod, 8 cells in C-Pod Disciplinary, 4 cells in C-Pod Maximum, and 4 cells in C-Pod Medium.  In February 2020 we double bunked 16 cells in D-Pod. We were fortunate the original construction of the facility in 1994 allowed us to double bunk these cells and still be within Idaho Jail Standards.  Our current rated capacity is 330 inmates.

In June 1993 the Detention Division developed a specialized program called SCILD (Sheriff/Commissioner’s Inmate Labor Detail) Team, made up of low-risk inmates who provided community service work rather than spending time in jail. This program provided more beds for those who need confinement due to the nature of the crime committed and at the same time provided a great service to the community by completing clean up and service projects. Due to the inmate population growth and double bunking we had higher staffing demands in the detention facility so we were forced to dismantle this program in 2017 to utilize the staff in the detention facility.  Our hopes are to someday re-implement the program.

In November 2016 we were the first adult detention facility in the State of Idaho to become PREA (Prison Rape Elimination Act) complainant.  We continue to maintain our compliancy as we were certified compliant after our second audit December 2019.

Included in our Detention Division is DART (Detention Automatic Response Team), composed of specialty trained Detention Officers who perform the tactical operations of the facility including cell extractions, riot/disorder control, and cell searches for hidden contraband and weapons. Our office was the first in the state to develop this type of team.  We have a specialty trained Detention Division Investigation Team that conducts the majority of the investigations within the facility including assault, contraband conveyance, and PREA allegations to name a few. These investigations are instrumental and have drastically reduced the detective’s work load as previously they conducted all detention investigations.  The team averages approximately 65 investigations a year. We also have a well-rounded and experienced FTO (Field Training Officer) Program that work very hard training our new staff to meet the high and stressful demands of the facility.

We are very proud of and admire all of the staff for their continued dedication, professionalism and integrity. We know they will always do their utmost best providing service and protection to the inmates, public, and one another.

Non-English-speaking services at the Detention Center

The Bannock County Sheriff’s Office is committed to providing professional, quality care to all people in our custody. To ensure this, we have several resources available to accommodate non-English-speaking individuals.

Seven deputies within the detention division speak a second language, including Spanish, Russian, German, and French, who assist in communicating with non-English-speaking incarcerated people during day-to-day activities and visits to the medical unit. We are continually building on our commitment to the non-English-speaking people we serve by conducting ongoing training and giving preference to bilingual job applicants.

Recognizing that our bilingual deputies can’t be everywhere at once, we have other tools to help bridge language gaps. When one of our bilingual deputies is unavailable or unable to communicate with someone incarcerated in the jail, BCSO policy and procedure requires we contact one of our contracted, 24/7 interpreter services. The BCSO partners with Language Line Solutions to provide interpreting and translation services for hundreds of languages, as well as Purple Communications for those who require American Sign Language.

One of the fundamental principles the Bannock County Sheriff’s Office operates on is respect. We strive to treat all people with dignity, courtesy, tolerance, and sympathetic listening, regardless of their native language.

Visitor Information Handbook – Please read before communicating with an inmate!

Go to to set up a visitation account.

Bail Bond Information

Post a Bond for someone at the Sheriff’s Office or call 208-236-7125.

Bannock County Incidents Reports

See our FACEBOOK page

Current Jail Inmate list (XML)

Prison Rape Elimination Act Standards

Prison Rape Elimination Act – Compliance and Investigations

Prison Rape Elimination Act – PREA Auditor’s Final Summary Report 11/09/16

Prison Rape Elimination Act – PREA Auditor’s Final Summary Report 12/03/19

Prison Rape Elimination Act — PREA Auditor’s Final Summary 11/05/23

911 Dispatch

The Bannock County Emergency Communications Center currently consists of seven full time, highly trained, and experienced dispatchers. The 911 Administrator is Capt. Scott Ames, who also supervises the Driver’s License Bureau.

Our center is responsible for all 911 calls outside the city limits of Chubbuck and Pocatello in the Bannock County area. We dispatch for several volunteer fire departments including, Pocatello Valley, Inkom, McCammon, Lava, Arimo and Downey Fire Districts. Additionally, we provide emergency communications for the Bannock County Search and Rescue Unit, and the Inkom Police Department. We also provide services as needed to several other agencies such as the U. S. Forest Service, BLM, U. S. Marshals, Misdemeanor Probation, and Juvenile Probation, to name just a few. Generally, we handle about 190,000 calls per year, which would include approximately 32.000 E-911 calls.

The Bannock County E-911 Center handles calls for service for law enforcement and fire, but we have a county-wide EMS system which is administered by Pocatello dispatch; so when we receive any calls for medical assistance, the call is immediately transferred to Pocatello dispatch. If possible we try to stay on line to determine if a Bannock County Deputy needs to assist with the call. Additionally, any calls for fires north of Chubbuck city boundaries, and south of Pocatello city boundaries are immediately dispatched. We also route calls to the Idaho State Police and other agencies when we receive calls within their jurisdiction and expertise.

Civil Services

Bannock County Civil   –  Email: [email protected] | Phone: 208-236-7195 | Fax: 208-236-7190

New Listings Coming Soon!

Our office provides service of civil & court documents such as:

Summons & Petition |Summons & Complaint | Summons, Claim & Answer | Garnishments (wage & bank)| 3 Day/30 Day Eviction Notice | Evictions | Subpoena | Protection Order | No Contact Order

All services must be prepaid before service. Most services are $50.00. Please see our full list of services provided along with the fee schedule here.

We accept: cash, cashier’s check, money order, business check, or credit/debit cards. We cannot accept personal checks. All card transactions are charged 2.49% with a minimum fee of $2.00.

Per Idaho Code 31-2211 the Sheriff’s Office & its deputies cannot act without written instructions.

Our physical address:
Bannock County Sheriff’s Office
(Lobby of the Jail–smaller window to the left)
5800 S 5th Ave
Pocatello, ID 83204
(use for FedEx & UPS)

Our mailing address:

Bannock County Sheriff’s Office
ATTN: Civil
PO Box 4666
Pocatello, ID 83205


Cost: $300

In most cases, tenants have 72 hours once judgement is rendered. If tenants do not leave, the landlord can remove and dispose of property left behind. HOUSE BILL NO. 461

For Landlord/Tenant information and protection you may refer to guidelines published by the Attorney General State of Idaho office.

Legal Aid may be able to help tenants or landlords with questions regarding the legal aspect of evictions.  208-233-0079


Cost: $50.00  (separate $7.00 check made to the bank for bank garnishments)

Must include:

  • Writ – original + 2 copies
  • Judgement – 3 copies
  • Self addressed stamped envelope addressed to the defendant
  • Notice/Interrogatories
  • Claim of Exemption Form (2 copies for bank garnishments)

Subject to State and Federal Wage Garnishment Laws, to withhold not more than 25% of disposable earnings.   (FACT SHEET #30)

Sheriff’s Sales

Bannock County Sheriff’s sales may be posted in the Idaho State Journal, Post Offices and other public places within the precinct of the property to be sold. Call our office at 208-236-7197 with any questions regarding these sales.

Other useful links


Small Claims

Courthouse Security

Bannock County Court Marshals                              Concealed Weapons Detection

The goal of the Bannock County Court Marshals and Concealed Weapons Detection team is to protect the employees, assets, information, integrity, reputation and operations of the Bannock County Courthouse.

We strive for professionalism, collaboration and respect for employees and the public.

Entrances to the Bannock County Courthouse are located on Center St. and on 6th street.

When entering the Bannock County Courthouse, consider bringing only the paperwork needed to do your business. Cellphones are allowed in the courthouse however, it is recommended that you leave all electronics, backpacks and oversized bags in your vehicle to make entry into the courthouse as smooth and easy as possible. No guns, knives, pepper spray or personal weapons of any kind are allowed in the courthouse. Any guns, ammo, holsters or ammo pouches must be locked up in your vehicle and are not allowed in the lock boxes.

You will be asked to clear through a concealed weapons detector. The detector does not put out any kind of harmful rays. It will not hurt a pregnant person or interrupt a heart pacemaker. A CWD team member will instruct you to walk through the weapons detector. If something has been detected, you will be directed to remove anything metal, magnetic or electronic from your person and place it on a counter. You may be asked to walk through the weapons detector multiple times or open bags or purses to confirm the removal of any items in question. When you have cleared the weapons detector, the door to the courthouse will unsecure for you to enter.

If you use a wheelchair, baby stroller or have a difficult time with stairs, please use the ADA compliant ramp located at the east door of the building off of 6th street.

For your convenience, you can drop your payments in the drive-up drop-box located on East Center St. This box is checked once in the morning and once in the afternoon.

Due to the pandemic, the courthouse may be operating on reduced capacity. Courts may use kiosks or zoom hearings in lieu of in-person hearings or you may be asked to wear a mask or socially distance in some areas of the courthouse.


People can visit their family members detained in the Bannock County Detention Center via video kiosks during kiosk hours.

Video kiosks are free for family members.

Kiosk hours:


*Note: Face-t0-face visits with incarcerated individuals are restricted to visits with attorneys.



Community Outreach

The Bannock County Sheriff’s Office participates in several community outreach programs each year. 


Shop with a Cop

Each year, the BCSO partners with area law enforcement and the Southeastern Idaho Community Action Agency to host the annual Shop with a Cop event.

Deputies and officers are paired with a child who would benefit from a positive experience with law enforcement in hopes of building or improving relationships between law enforcement and the community.

On the day of the event, the officer and child meet at Alameda Middle School before getting breakfast provided by McDonalds and a picture with Mr. and Mrs. Clause. Then, the child and officer drive with the patrol car lights flashing to the Chubbuck Walmart, where they spend the next few hours shopping for presents. Together, the child and officer purchase gifts for each of the child’s immediate family members.

Donations from the community make this event possible.

Law enforcement from the Pocatello Police Department, Chubbuck Police Department, Idaho State Police, Idaho State University Public Safety, Idaho Fish and Game, Bannock County Adult Probation and Parole, Bannock County Juvenile Probation, and the Bannock County Sheriff’s Office participate in the event. 

Sponsors & Partners

Chubbuck Walmart, McDonald’s, Southeastern Idaho Community Action Agency, Pocatello-Chubbuck School District #25

Bannock County Crime Tip Form

If your tip is about an emergency, please call 911!

You can report non-emergency tips by calling  208-236-7111

Use our Crime Tip Form to report illegal activity that you observe. The information you provide will help us successfully respond to these illegal activities. Please complete as much of the form as possible. You may submit this form as often as is necessary. Please complete a separate form for each location and/or suspect that you wish to provide information about.

The information you submit will be forwarded to a Bannock County Detective for further investigation and enforcement. Investigators may contact you for additional information if you wish. If you choose to remain anonymous, however, be assured that the information you provide will be acted upon.

All information will be held in STRICT CONFIDENCE. To remain anonymous simply leave your contact information blank. Thank you for helping us help keep you safe! *Please fill all the required fields.  If it doesn’t apply to your report just enter “None”.  We can’t help if we don’t know where the crime occurred or who was involved.

This Crime Tip form is for reporting tips.

If you are reporting a serious incident, please CALL 208-236-7111

Report A Crime

12 + 12 =

East Idaho Crime Stoppers

The Bannock County Sheriff’s Office is among 17 other counties that partner with East Idaho Crime Stoppers to report crime tips anonymously. Crime Stoppers provides a safe place for citizens to provide anonymous information about crime and fugitives.

If you have information that leads to a felony arrest in any East Idaho county, you could be entitled to a cash reward of up to $1,000.

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Bannock County Sheriff & Detention Center

5800 S. 5th Avenue
Pocatello, Idaho 83204
Non-Emergencies: 208-236-7111
Administration: 208-236-7123
Detention (Jail): 208-236-7125

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Directory & Contact

Non-Emergencies 208-236-7111

Emergency Services 208-236-7104

Administrative/Lobby Hours:
7 a.m. – 6 p.m. Monday – Thursday

Administration 208-236-7123
[email protected]

Civil Division 208-236-7195

Detention Service / Jail 208-236-7125

Records Bureau 208-236-7119

Search and Rescue 208-236-7114

Idaho Transportation Department

Your complete source for all driving, travel, business information and more for the State of Idaho.

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