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SAFE ROADS: Bannock County repairing, adding guardrails on high-traffic roads

by | May 7, 2024 | Commissioner Press Releases, Highlights, Newsroom | 0 comments

BANNOCK COUNTY, Idaho – This summer, Bannock County is taking significant steps to enhance road safety.

Bannock County Road & Bridge recently repaired and added more than 2,500 feet of guardrail in high-traffic areas. 

Guardrails are barriers that shield a driver who has left the roadway from careening into an embankment, water, or other dangerous obstructions. 

To date, crews have completed repairs to several end sections of guardrail along Mink Creek Road between Forest Road and the Mink Creek Group Campground, as well as the replacement of a 130-foot section on Charlotte Drive. In Arimo, crews replaced a 320-foot section of damaged guardrail on Old Highway 91. 

“Guardrails are an essential safety feature for drivers. Recognizing this, we made this project a priority for 2024. We hope to complete more repairs this summer as long as our time and budget allow,” said Buddy Romriell, Assistant Public Works Director.

Additional repairs are planned for the guardrail on Old Highway 91 between Inkom and McCammon, as well as the addition of new guardrail on Buckskin Road. 

Idaho-based RailCo LLC is performing the construction, and the project is funded through the annual Road & Bridge budget. 

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