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Bannock County Road & Bridge department in Pocatello Idaho

Road & Bridge History

The Road & Bridge County shop was originally  located at the County fairgrounds  near the old infirmary.   That building was destroyed by a fire July 7, 1942.  Practically all of the County road equipment was also destroyed in this fire. At that time, during WWII, the County chose to lease a building.   When they were notified that the lease was about to expire and would not be renewed, the County had to send a proposal to the War Production 
Board to have them grant permission for Construction.  The Conservation Order L-41 (a) 1075.1  “limits construction.  It is necessary in order to conserve materials, construction equipment, labor  and  transportation”.  April 23, 1945 Bannock County wrote to the Board to request permission 
to construct a new  facility and three days later they received an application that had to be filled out giving a complete picture of the need and actual necessity of the proposed construction.  It was also required to return a copy of the eviction notice form the building owner of the leased facility.  
The War Production Board  granted the County permission and the official open house was October 26, 1946.

Bannock County Road & Bridge Department shop in 145


This photo depicts the Highway shop building  located at 1121 South Second Avenue, Pocatello.   When the shop was erected in 1945 it was one of the most modern shops of its kind in the west.   Facilities for the handling of 12 pieces of heavy equipment were  available in the main shop.  The  building also included welding and paint rooms and offices.   The heat was provided through a radiant system placed in the floors.
Bannock County Road & Bridge County shop


In 1977 the City of Pocatello informed the County  that the property located at 1121 South Second Avenue was in poor condition and  was therefore subject to the Uniform Code for Abatement of Dangerous  Buildings.  The structure was considered unsafe for occupancy without a great deal of repair work.  It  was at this time that the County proposed the purchase and construction  of the building located at 5500 South Fifth Avenue, Pocatello.   This picture is of the facility as it stands today.   There have been additions made to both the building and the grounds since  the original construction.

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