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Bannock County Chip Sealing

at Bannock County Road and Bridge


According to Wikipedia, chip sealing is defined as "pavement surface treatment that combines one or  more layer(s) of asphalt with one or more layer(s) of fine aggregate."  In Bannock County chip sealing is used in an effort to save money by evenly distributing a thin layer of asphalt on to existing pavement.  Then a layer of chips is added followed by a layer of oil. 


2 1/2 Mile Rd (Freeway to Gun range)

Edmo (Highway 91 to Hawthorne)

Piedmont Rd.

Lower Rd.

Katsilometes Rd.

Facer Rd. Neva Rd. Karen Rd

Fort Hall Mine Rd.

Price Rd.

Manning Rd

B Road

Gibson Jack Rd. 

Gail Mountain Road (Culdesac)

Reservation Rd (Hawthone to Philbin - Hawthorne to Hwy 91)

Pocatello Creek Rd

Moonlight Mine Rd

Old Hwy 91 (Inkom to McCammon)

Blazer Highway (Symons to county line)



Buckskin (City limits to Antelope)

Marsh Creek/Center Lane

*Subject to change.  May include all or a portion of the road.

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