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Bannock County Road & Bridge department in Pocatello Idaho

Bannock County Road & Bridge

Bannock County Road & Bridge is a division of the Bannock County Public Works department.  It is tasked with maintaining 466 miles of road.  Of the 466, 300  miles are paved.  Bannock County  Road & Bridge is only responsible for roads that lie within the County,  outside of city limits (excluding those roads that lie within the Downey/Swan Lake District).  The tasks 
include snow removal, winter maintenance, chip sealing, hot mix overlay, RAP  overlay, cold asphalt overlay, mag, road re-construction, patching, pugging,  ditch work, tree trimming, scrub coats, crack sealing, seal coat, sign and  culvert maintenance and bridge construction/maintenance.

In the last few years the EPA has set stricter regulations that  include storm water control and erosion maintenance.   This effects the way Road & Bridge does business.  We have made the necessary adjustments to maintain compliance with the new standards. 

The majority of Road & Bridge revenue comes from the states distribution fund which is a flat .25 cents per gallon of fuel bought state wide.   The state keeps 50% and the other 50% is distributed to the local City’s  and County’s based on miles of maintained road.  

Bannock County Snow Removal and Sanding Policy (PDF)

R.S. No. 2019-108 Plow and Sanding Policy Resolution (PDF)

Application and Permit to Plow Snow on County Roads

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