Bannock County Prosecutor

Prosecuting Attorney Office Overview


Article V, Section 18 of the Idaho Constitution creates the office of the county prosecuting attorney. The Idaho Constitution requires that the prosecuting attorney be a practicing attorney and a resident and elector of the county for which they are elected. It also states that the prosecuting attorney shall perform all duties prescribed by law and receive such compensation for services as shall be fixed by law.

Article XVIII, Section 6 of the Idaho Constitution empowers the county commissioners to appoint such deputies and clerical assistants as the business of the prosecuting attorney may require.


  • Case load assignments are based on different legal areas handled by the prosecuting attorney’s office. These areas are:
  • Felony violent crimes against people (e.g., homicides, aggravated battery, etc.)
  • Domestic Violence cases
  • Felony crimes against children (sexual and physical abuse of children)
  • Felony traffic offenses
  • Juvenile offenders
  • Misdemeanors
  • Infractions offenses
  • Post-Conviction Relief proceedings
  • Mental commitment proceedings
  • Child Protective Act proceedings
  • Extraditions
  • Civil litigation involving the County
  • Administrative advising

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