Bannock County Prosecutor

Prosecutor Civil Matters

The prosecuting attorney is involved in many different types of civil law suits. These include Child Protection proceedings, Mental Health Proceedings, Civil Suits involving the County, and Drug Asset Forfeiture Proceedings.

Child Protection Proceedings

Visit the Child Protection Act webpage to view links to Idaho Code Title 16, Chapter 16, which is known as the Child Protective Act. Click any of the links to read the text of the statute.

Department of Health and Welfare

Mental Health Proceedings

Visit Idaho Code Title 66, Chapter 3, which contain the provisions relating to mentally ill persons. Click any of the links to read the text of the statute.

Civil Suits involving the County

Law suits involving the county are the primary responsibility of the county prosecuting attorney. Several of these cases are eventually handled by insurance providers for the county. However, there are still a significant number of areas where the defense of the county is left to the county prosecutor. These include, but certainly are not limited to, such things as bankruptcy proceedings, declaratory judgment actions, judicial review proceedings filed regarding planning and zoning decisions. The county prosecutor may also bring law suits to require people to come into compliance with legal requirements. These include, but are not limited, to actions to bring people into compliance with planning and zoning ordinances and actions filed to remedy violations of Idaho’s open meetings laws.

Drug Asset Forfeiture

The laws on civil forfeitures are found at Idaho Code 37-2744 and 37-2744A. The laws on criminal asset forfeitures are found at Idaho Code 37-2801 through 37-2815. You can review these by clicking this link the State of Idaho’s Uniform Controlled Substance Act. Please do not contact the Prosecutor’s Office for legal advice concerning how you should proceed in the lawsuit. If you need assistance with your case, contact a private attorney or consult Idaho’s Uniform Controlled Substance Act.

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