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Procurement Department

Thank you for your interest in doing business with Bannock County!

We have moved all of our upcoming Bids, RFPs, and other solicitations to an e-Procurement platform called Bonfire.  This will provide the opportunity for Bannock County to have much more efficient and transparent processes as well as a means for electronic submittals of Bids, among other key benefits.

Help using Bonfire:

Vendor Registration and Submission

This video details how a vendor can create, upload, and submit a proposal into Bonfire.

Bonfire FAQs

View frequently asked questions from Bonfire Vendor Support.

Contact Project Owner

This article explains how vendors can contact the project owner regarding questions about project details.

Reset Bonfire Password

This article explains how to reset your Bonfire Account’s password.

About the Procurement Department

The Procurement Department ensures that the County’s process of purchasing goods and services is fair, competitive, efficient, and conducted under strict, ethical guidelines. From strategically planning each procurement to managing and executing plans, the Bannock County Procurement team performs services for all Bannock County departments and offices.

Our responsibilities include guiding individuals through the procurement process, maintaining ethical and impartial relations with vendors, and assisting with the budget process. We ensure that proper safeguards are in place for maintaining a procurement system of quality and integrity by providing procurement support, training, and oversight Countywide.

Our ultimate goal is to “streamline the procurement process while being earnest stewards of County resources.” We ensure that our decentralized program has centralized controls by creating rules and regulations for purchasing that are in the County’s best interest and ensure compliance with Idaho Code.

Shanda Crystal

Chief Procurement Officer


Phone: 208.236.7214

Office: 624 East Center, Room 101, Pocatello, Idaho 83201

Meet Shanda

Contact the Procurement Team

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Public Works Contractors Licenses

The Public Works Contractor Licensing Program ensures that those performing public works construction in Idaho have the financial wherewithal and technical knowledge and expertise to properly perform in a workman-like manner. This is done by making sure that all contractors and construction managers performing public works construction in the state are qualified and properly licensed under Idaho’s licensing laws for public works construction.


Licensing & Fees
208-334-3945 (fax)


Any contractor or subcontractor who wishes to construct, repair or reconstruct any project that involves public funding of contracts/purchase orders with the State of Idaho or any other political subdivision of the state authorized to let or award contracts for public work if the estimated cost of the entire project is $50,000 or more.

Construction Managers:

The State of Idaho requires that construction managers (CM’s) be licensed in order to assure the public that CM’s have the level of education and experience required for successful management of public construction projects. A license is required for any individual who wishes to act as a construction manager in public works construction or offers to perform construction management services on any project where the estimated cost of the entire project is $10,000 or more and where the project involves public funding from the State of Idaho or any other political subdivision of the state that is authorized to let or award contracts for any public work.

Frequently Asked Questions

I’d like Procurement training, is it available?

We are developing a supplier training that will be posted on our website when complete. In the meantime, please call with any questions.

I am a new supplier; how can I receive notice of County bids?

Bannock County posts all bids to an online site with Bonfire. Visit our Bonfire Portal and register to receive notifications.

Which projects require an Idaho Public Works License?
The State of Idaho sets all Public Works License requirements, and more information can be found on their website.
What is an UEI number? And how do I apply for one?

A Unique Entity Identifier (UEI) is a number issued by the System for Award Management (SAM) to identify businesses and other entities that do business with the federal government. Go to for more information.

How can I attend public meetings?

Bids are awarded in the Board of Commissioners public meetings, which are held at the Bannock County Courthouse, 624 East Center, Room 212. Meetings can also be viewed on YouTube. View the upcoming and previous meeting agendas here.

Helpful Information and Links

Office Location

624 E. Center Room 101
Pocatello, ID 83201
Map & Directions
Phone: 208-236-7214
Fax: 208-236-7345


Vision Statement

We are recognized leaders in public procurement by serving as trusted advisors and partners, contributing to Bannock County’s strategic initiatives and serving our citizens.


Mission Statement

Bannock County Procurement is committed to streamline the procurement process while being earnest stewards of County resources. We will be collaborative, innovative, consistent, and maintain compliance with procurement guidance and best practices.

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