FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the most common questions that we get asked at our office. We hope you find the answer to your question(s) here, but if not, you can always contact us.


Q: Do I need a permit for my building/structure?
A: The general answer is yes -- 
Building permits are required for constructing, enlarging, altering, repairing, moving, demolishing, or changing the occupancy classification of a building or structure. If the structure meets ​these limitations then no building permit is required. Please note that, even if your building does not need a building permit, it may need a zoning and/or floodplain development permit. You can find more information in the  Building Code, Zoning Ordinance and Flood Damage Prevention Ordinance.

Q: Do I need a permit for excavating and/or grading?
A: Yes. Please talk with County staff about applying for an Excavation and Grading permit.

Q: How long does it take to issue a permit?
​A: It varies, but we are usually able to issue permits within two to three weeks of receiving an application along with all necessary, supporting documentation. Some permits may take more than three weeks depending upon completeness of the application, any additional documentation needed, or if unexpected issues arise during the review process.

Q: How is my property zoned?
A: We have a map available online that displays the County's zoning districts. Make sure to turn on the "Zoning" layer on the left side of the screen.

Q: I want to run a business from my home--can I do that?
A: Home occupations are generally permitted in Bannock County but with some limitations--please see Section 424 of the Bannock County Zoning Ordinance for more information.

Q: Is this lot "buildable?"
A: The term "buildable" could refer to at least two things: (1) the physical suitability of the site for the proposed project and (2) whether or not the lot has been properly subdivided to allow for the issuance of building permits. Our office does not provide analyses regarding the physical suitability of lots, but we can offer information as to whether or not the lot has been properly subdivided. If you would like to request such a determination, you can submit an application for a Parcel Determination through our online portal by clicking here. Please also note that we cannot "pre-approve" any permits; a permit application must be submitted before an official approval or denial can be made.

Q: What can I build on my property?
A: That depends a lot on where your property is located and which zoning district you are in (see topic "How is my property zoned?" above). After you know your zoning district, you can look up the allowable uses for that zone in the Zoning Ordinance. Any new structure would also need to comply with the Bannock County Building Code and other County ordinances.

Q: Can I subdivide my property and build on it?
A: Subdividing land for development purposes is regulated by the Bannock County Subdivision Ordinance. The Bannock County Subdivision Ordinance defines a subdivision as "(1) The division of land into parcels less than, or configured differently from, a quarter-quarter section of land, for purposes of development other than agriculture, OR (2) To make one parcel into two or more separate parcels by survey, deed, or other transference." If you are interested in dividing your land, please contact the County Engineer, Michael Jaglowski, at 208-236-7230 or mjaglowski@bannockcounty.us.

Q: My neighbor and I want to swap property/ I want to deed some of my property to my neighbor/ I want to adjust a lot line, is this possible?
A: In order to maintain the ability to develop your property, alteration(s) including lot line adjustments and property transfers must be approved by the Office of Planning and Development PRIOR to the alteration. Altering the legal description(s)/deed(s) or the recording of any document including surveys without approval may affect your ability to develop your property, please contact the County Engineer, Michael Jaglowski, at 208-236-7230 or mjaglowski@bannockcounty.us.

Q: How do I get an address assigned to my property?
A: An address is typically issued at the same time that the first building permit is issued for the property. If you already have a structure on your property but you don’t have an address, please contact our office and request one. Our office will not issue an address for a property without an existing structure on it or a permit to construct one. Addresses are not assigned to Agricultural exempt buildings or any structure under 200 square feet. 

Q: Can you tell me where my property lines are?
A: We can't tell you precisely where your property lines are (for that information, we suggest contacting a licensed surveyor), but you can use the County's Parcel Viewer to see approximate property line locations. You can also use our website to search for subdivision plats and records of survey.

Q: Is my property in a floodplain?
A: The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) creates maps related to flood risk and has made an interactive flood hazard map available to the public.

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