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Mission Statement

Our mission is to help protect the citizens that live within the Bannock County Mosquito Abatement District boundaries from disease-carrying mosquitoes such as the Culex species, which is the primary vector for the West Nile Virus, to improve the quality of life for District constituents by managing mosquito populations to prevent a nuisance and or economic loss to areas of the district, and to help protect District animal and livestock populations from mosquito-borne disease or parasites.

Bannock County Mosquito Abatement District office in Pocatello Idaho


  • Our season begins in the spring, when the weather starts to warm up and the snow begins to melt.
  • We begin our surveillance and trapping to determine when we need to apply treatments. Larval and adult counts must reach pre-determined thresholds to warrant treatment.
  • The mosquito season slows down in the late fall when the weather starts to cool down.
  • The winter months are spent filing reports for County, State, and Federal requirements. We also analyze the data collected during the active season for ways to improve our efficiancy and effectiveness for the next season.


Call us at 208-236-7409 to notify us of active bee colonies.

If you are a bee keeper, but have not registered, you may wish to consider getting registered through the Idaho Dept. of Agriculture. This is available for any apiary, whether for business or for hobby, and may be beneficial. Click here for more information on the Idaho Dept. of Agriculture website.

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