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Bannock County Mosquito Abatement District in Pocatello Idaho

West Nile Virus Threat Levels

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Level 1: Remote Risk of Human Infections 

  • No positive surveillance indicators currently found in the county.
  • Mosquitoes are starting to emerge in the spring.

Level 2: Low Risk of Human Infections 

  • First evidence of virus activity has been detected in Bannock County or the neighboring counties. Non-human surveillance indicators (mosquitoes, birds, horses, etc.)

Level 3: Moderate to High Risk of Human Infections 

  • Increase in WNV-positive surveillance indicators in Bannock County.
  • Large or significant increase in Culex species mosquito populations.
  • Large of significant increase in the number of infected mosquito pools (i.e. rising minimum infection rates.
  • First human case detected in Bannock County or neighboring county.

Level 4: Human Infections In Progress 

  • Multiple human cases occurring in Bannock County and the surrounding counties suggesting an epidemic level activity.
  • Ongoing evidence of WNV in other surveillance indicators (birds, horses, mosquitoes, etc.).

Level 5: Human Infections In Decline

  • Late season, mosquito activity declining.
  • Rate of new human and animal case reports declining.
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