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Bannock County Mosquito Abatement District in Pocatello Idaho

Mosquito Habitat

Most of us are aware that stagnant water sitting in an old barrel is prime for mosquito habitat...but...what about that stack of pots on the side of the shed or the ornamental pond in the yard or the wheelbarrow in the garden?

Did you know that mosquitoes can lay eggs in remarkably small amounts of standing water? This includes hoof prints in a pasture or depressions in the front yard or even ripples in a tarp covering firewood.

Join us in the battle against these little insects that can cause so many problems. Watch for standing water in your area and make an effort to address it or let us know where the problem may be.

Did You Know?

Mosquitoes can have many generations in one year, and in the heat of summer, they can emerge from egg to adult in about a week.

Typical Summertime Subdivision Habitat Site
Typical Summertime Subdivision Habitat Site
Mosquito Egg-Laying Sites in Pastures
Mosquito Egg-Laying Sites
Flooding Sites in Bannock County
Flooding Sites
Open Water Sites such as ponds breed mosquitos
Open Water Sites
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