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Letter from Your Elected Official: Terrel N. Tovey

by | Sep 5, 2022 | Commissioner Press Releases, Highlights, Letter from Elected Official, Newsroom

Having served as a member of the Board of County Commissioners in Bannock County for the last six years, I am happy to announce that our budget process for the Fiscal Year 2023 came in with an estimated levy savings of $113 per taxable $100,000; I believe this shows that even through a very challenging time for all of us, we have worked hard to save tax dollars–which has not been easy.

The Eastern Idaho Forensic Pathology Center we have been working hard on is in the early planning stages with our partners at Idaho State University. We have had several productive planning sessions and anticipate moving forward with construction on that project in the not-too-distant future. We have held meetings in the last week with President Satterlee of ISU, and we are very grateful that he has been extremely supportive of this project as well.

Construction on the Safe Teen Assessment Center is also slated to begin in the next few weeks. This facility will be a welcome addition to everyone in Bannock County, but maybe especially the youth of our county who have found themselves in trouble. Similar facilities have assisted other governments in drastically dropping recidivism rates among troubled youth by offering them a diversion, thus attempting to keep them out of the typical trip that introduces them to the court system at such an early age.

With how the last few years since the pandemic have gone, we, as commissioners and elected officials, are very aware of how much employee appreciation means to us and the citizens of Bannock County. Having staff that is fully trained and able to execute their job duties provides an efficient service for the citizens of Bannock County, and so we are committed to employee retention.

We have already held meetings geared toward this goal, and we will keep our employees apprised of the findings that may come from them. However, we are committed to offering whatever incentives we can–in addition to our excellent benefits–to try and make our staff members feel valued. Work-life balance is a huge priority among the workforce, as has been highlighted in many ways since the country was impacted by Covid-19. Knowing this, we will continue to find ways to make Bannock County an attractive and competitive employer.

Much remains to be done, but as a County, I believe we are headed in a positive direction. I have been grateful and humbled to serve as a Commissioner for Bannock County at such a pivotal time in its history. With growth and expansion coming, I believe that the County is prepared to sustain itself responsibly while our community experiences said growth.

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