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Letter from Your Elected Official: Sheri Davies

by | May 2, 2022 | Assessor Press Releases, Highlights, Letter from Elected Official

Many thanks and hearty congratulations are extended to each and every member of the Assessor’s Office team as they have successfully wrapped up the requirements of the current 5-year plan. Everyone’s hard work and dedication have paid off, and we could not have gotten here without each one of you. Thank you!

Assessment Notices will be sent out no later than the first Monday in June, with every parcel being brought to 100% market value as required by Idaho Code. Property owners will receive instructions if they would like to go paperless to receive their notices or updates via secure email. We will also include an updated information letter, as was sent last year with your notice. If you have questions or concerns, please call the Assessor’s Office at 208-236-7260 for assistance. 

So many changes have occurred over the last 3 ½ years, and change never occurs without a few bumps and bruises. I want to highlight some accomplishments–and issues and how my office dealt with all things good and challenging.

The Residential conversion to the Proval CAMA (Computer Assisted Mass Appraisal) system is complete! To accomplish this, staff had to convert paper files to electronic data, including hand sketching any improvements (structures), input all data from paper files as well as current changes observed, input sales data, scan and update pictures, and then audit all data for accuracy before re-costing to current market value. Before all parcels were converted to Prevail CAMA, two systems were required to achieve equity in Assessments. Assessments moving forward will not face this issue. 

Our conversion in the Commercial department is not fully complete as of this date, but we anticipate completion in the next few months and are working hard to accomplish this. Commercial Appraisal has been brought back “in-house,” therefore eliminating the need for a contracted Appraiser.  With fairness and equity as our primary goals concerning the reappraisal of all parcels, a well-educated and certified team of In House Appraisers is needed. 

Our excellent Mapping Department is a team of three; we have four Appraisal Assistants, a Sr. Administrative Assistant, and the best Chief Deputy Assessor in the State. Each team member has assisted in a complete restructure of the Appraisal office, including new procedures with updated technology, attended assigned education, and made tremendous efforts to assist property owners in understanding the changes that have come from updates to new technology and our ever-changing market values. Please join me in expressing our sincere appreciation for all they do, as our success as a whole depends largely on their contribution. 

Just a note: Our Department of Motor Vehicles are deserving of many thanks and appreciation for their hard work and dedication as they and the public that we serve have faced many complex changes required by ITD and new technology. Their work has resulted in no lines, short wait times, appointment availability, and a more pleasant experience as you visit our DMV.

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