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Letter from Your Elected Official: Jason Dixon

by | Oct 31, 2022 | Highlights, Letter from Elected Official, Newsroom

One of the duties that an Elected Clerk is called on to perform in Idaho is to manage the jury duty system and summon citizens for jury duty.  Each month as the Jury Commissioner mails jury summons, I know that I can look forward to a few texts from old friends saying, “I thought we were friends,” followed by a picture of their jury summons letter with my name on it.  I have found that people are often curious about what jury duty will entail and are even excited to participate in the process.  

In Bannock County, we are about to undergo a massive change to our jury management system.  Over the next few months, the Jury Commissioner, the 6th District Trial Court Administrator, and I will work with a team from the State Supreme Court and Tyler Technologies to implement a new software program called EJM (Enterprise Jury Management).  This new technology will improve the jury office’s efficiency and offer citizens new, 21st Century options to complete their civic duty.

Some of the new options will be: 24/7 access for potential jurors to fill out their jury questionnaire online, text alerts when you need to appear, and (perhaps the most significant benefit) 24/7 access for clarification and questions regarding jury duty. The jury office receives hundreds of calls every month with questions regarding jury service. Here are just a few examples of the types of questions we get.

I can’t come in every day for an entire month; how may I be excused?

You don’t come in every day.  You are required to call a pre-recorded message machine and listen to the instructions of when to call back or when to appear. Bannock County does not hold trials daily.  For example, you may only need to call the message machine five times within the month, and if you are required to appear for a trial, the message machine will give you clear instructions on what to do next.

I am 70 years of age or older and wish to be excused.

At age 70 or older, you may be excused. You may email or complete the questionnaire and return it to Bannock County Jury Commissioner. Please indicate that you wish to be excused.

How do I request a postponement of service?

Please complete your qualification questionnaire and postponement section stating your reason; you must provide a new date for the postponement. If you have already completed your questionnaire, you may mail, email, or fax your request. 

I have moved from Bannock County, and I received a summons.

Please mail, email, or fax a copy of your driver’s license or voter registration in the new county where you currently reside. Please see the Non-Resident Tab for more information.

When you receive a jury summons in the future, I hope we can calm your fears and answer your questions, and you’ll have a positive experience performing your civic duty as a juror. Your participation is vital in helping to ensure that the constitutional right to a trial by jury will guarantee the protection of life, liberty, and property.

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