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Bannock County Landfill Staff

Bannock County Landfill Office in Pocatello Idaho

Our Pocatello site also includes an administration office where extensive, mandated record-keeping is performed. All of the landfill billing and collections is also performed at this site. The billing involves sending out approximately 200 bills per month and following up with collections on overdue accounts. The scale house technicians must track and screen all incoming loads, identify the type of waste and direct the public to their proper disposal areas. In addition to weighing and tracking the waste on both the incoming and outgoing truck scales they must collect the appropriate gate fees.

Kiel Burmester Bannock County Landfill

Kiel Burmester
 Public Works Director

Debbie Norman Bannock County Landfill

Debbie Norman
Management Assistant

Randy Kiggins Asst. Operations Manager Bannock County Landfill

Randy Kiggins
Asst. Operations Manager

Josh Moss – Gas Plant Operator BC Landfill

Josh Moss
Gas Plant Operator 

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