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Bannock County Landfill

What we do:

The Bannock County Landfill is a division of the Bannock County Public Works department. Bannock County has owned and operated the landfill since 1979. In October of 1993 the old landfill, which originally opened in 1943 and was operated by private companies and the City of Pocatello, was closed in accordance with the federal government mandates. A new Sub Title D landfill was constructed in compliance with RCRA (Resource Conservation and Recovery Act) regulation and opened for operation on October 9, 1993. The construction cost amounted to nearly $8 million.

Part of this great expense was a specially designed liner that protects the environment by keeping the leachate from further contaminating the ground water. The household debris is covered daily with tarps, designed for landfills, as well as soil to prevent garbage from being exposed to vectors, wind and the atmosphere. On an average, we accept approximately 300 tons of waste per day which is up from an average of 230 tons per day in 1993. We operate both the landfill in Pocatello and the transfer station in McCammon with only thirteen employees.

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