District VI Juvenile Detention Center

District VI Juvenile Detention Wellness Policy

     It is our policy to promote and ensure healthy lifestyles for our youth by implementing a nutrition education program which includes: posters and/or documents and any other literature that we feel will be of assistance to them in understanding the importance of eating healthy in all aspects of their lives. 

     We will provide well-balanced meals for our residents while they are detained in our facility.  We promise to provide them with breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks that meet the nutritional guidelines as set forth by the National School Lunch Program.

     Our purpose is to ensure that our residents are not exposed to foods and/or snacks that are deficient in nutritional value, as per the Child Nutrition Reauthorization Act.  D6JDC has no concession machines available to our residents.

     Our detention facility will continue to serve breakfast & lunches that have been approved by the National School Lunch program.  These meals (as well as dinner) are prepared for us by the kitchen staff at the Bannock County Jail. 

     The center will also furnish a snack in the evening, between dinner and bedtime. Our facility adheres to the guidelines established by the Child Nutrition Program

     Our facility will continue to provide the required amount of recreational time for all juveniles as pursuant to the IDAPA, Section 5, Title 1, Chapter 2, subsection 265.  Depending on the weather for any given day, our staff will either take the residents out to the recreation yard to participate in a group activity or have them stay indoors and work on a large muscle group activity. 

     Any violations of this policy will be documented in an Incident Report that will be submitted to the Director and/or the Management Assistant.

     An assessment of this policy will take place at least once every three years to make sure we are in staying in compliance.   The position responsible for managing the triennial assessment will be the Management Assistant. 

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