District VI Juvenile Detention Center

District VI Juvenile Detention Programs

Juvenile Detention Clinician Project:
Program focuses on screening and assessing youths in our custody for mental health and substance abuse problems.  Youths are then linked to appropriate services in their local communities.

Academic Education:
Residents of the facility must attend academic education classes 5 hours per weekday.  These classes are provided through School District 25 and work in cooperation with all other school districts in our area.

Addictive Behavior Counseling:
Program runs 3 hours per week and sessions include:  Methamphetamines (use and risk factors), Dangers and Facts regarding Marijuana use, Dangers and Facts regarding Inhalant use, Teenagers and Alcohol, Alcohol and the Teenage Brain, Why taking drugs doesn’t work, and Ecstasy (the facts).

We The People:
The course explains the most important ideas of our Constitution and tells how they were developed.  It also tells about the people and events that were in the history of these ideas.  The course helps the student gain a greater understanding of the Constitution and our system of government.  

Seven Habits of Highly Effective Teens:
Students learn how to apply the 7 Habits to tough issues and life-changing decisions youth are facing in today’s world.

Worship Services:
Voluntary services are offered on Friday afternoon, and twice on Sundays.


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