District VI Juvenile Detention Center

Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA)

Agency Policy

In compliance with Section 115.322 of the Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA) Standards, District 6 Juvenile Detention Center has provided policies to ensure referrals of allegations for investigations. To view this policy click HERE.

 Reporting Abuse

If you suspect sexual abuse has happened at the District 6 Juvenile Detention Center, you may call the Director at the Center, 208-234-1080, or you may call the Bannock County Prosecuting Attorney, Pocatello Police Department, or the Idaho State Police Department.  Please have any information or evidence available for the investigators.  All reports are taken seriously and investigated.  False accusations may be prosecuted.

 Data Review for Corrective Action and Publication

In compliance with Section 115.388 of the PREA Standards, District 6 Juvenile Detention Center has reviewed data collected and aggregated pursuant to section 115.387 in order to assess and improve the effectiveness of its sexual abuse prevention, detection, and response policies, practices, and training, including:

  1. Identify problem areas;
  2. Take corrective action on an ongoing basis; and
  3. Prepare an annual report of its findings and corrective actions.

Also in compliance with Section 115.389 of the PREA Standards, District 6 Juvenile Detention will make all aggregated sexual abuse data readily available to the public at lease annually.  The Director has issued an annual report regarding PREA which is available HERE.

To read the Policy regarding data collection click HERE.

To read the 2019 PREA Assessment Report click HERE.

Audit Report

The District 6 Juvenile Detention Center completed an audit and has been found to be in full compliance with PREA.  The PREA audit report completed on 12/21/2019 can be found HERE.

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