District VI Juvenile Detention Center

District VI Juvenile Detention Center

Serving Bannock, Bear Lake, Caribou, Franklin, Oneida and Power Counties

District 6 Juvenile Detention - Community Protection Mission

Our mission is to provide a secure, safe environment for juveniles who are placed in our care by the courts. Through programs and staff interaction, it is our goal to address attitudes, citizenship, school attendance, drug/alcohol problems, self worth, individual accountability and decision-making skills. We will work to meet the basic physical and emotional needs of the residents in an atmosphere of respect and concern.

Department Philosophy – The Balanced Approach

The Balanced and Restorative Justice Model is a philosophy of correctional care that emphasizes three equally important principles:

  • Accountability: When a crime occurs, a debt is incurred.  Youth must be held accountable for their actions and to restore the victim’s losses.
  • Competency Development: Offenders should leave the system more capable of productive participation in conventional society than when they entered.
  • Community Protection: The public has a right to a safe and secure community.

District 6 Juvenile Detention Center - Competency Development - Community Protection - Accountability

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