Bannock County Groundwater

Water Quality

The Cities of Pocatello and Chubbuck get 100 percent of their drinking water from groundwater. Therefore, they take their job of protecting the quality and quantity of groundwater very seriously. As individuals, business, and industry, our actions and land use decisions can directly affect the quality and quantity of our groundwater. For example, chemicals, stormwater runoff, leaking tanks and spills, septic systems, and other contaminants can easily pollute our groundwater, the Lower Portneuf Valley Aquifer.If our groundwater becomes contaminated to the point of exceeding the safe drinking water standards, it will be expensive and maybe impossible to clean up.  Finding a new source of drinking water or treating the existing sources would place a huge burden on the community, public funds, homeowners, and business. Therefore, to ensure the economic stability of our community we must actively protect our drinking water source now.

Protect Our Aquifer……We Drink It!


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