Bannock County Groundwater

Protecting Groundwater

“Clean water is one of the most important aspects of livability in Bannock County. Accordingly, the (county comprehensive) plan recommends establishing a new Water Resource Protection Overlay District as part of the county’s planning and zoning regulations that limits potential sources of groundwater/aquifer pollution within the overlay district, manages the amount of water filtering into the aquifer, and retains areas that filter and absorb water back into the supply.” (Bannock County Comprehensive Plan, 2008)

“Protect and enhance aquifers, aquifer-recharge areas, wetlands, streams, and rivers from activities that may be harmful to water quality.” (City of Pocatello, Our Vision, Our Valley, Comprehensive Plan, 2003)

“Protect water quality and protect aquifer recharge areas, wetlands, streams, rivers, and lakes.” (City of Chubbuck, Comprehensive Plan, 2002)

Protection Measures

Because we get 100% of our drinking water from groundwater, Bannock County, the City of Pocatello, and the City of Chubbuck are committed to protecting our groundwater resource. Based on goals written into county and city comprehensive plans, as well as known scientific data about our aquifer, these government bodies have worked cooperatively to determine the best protection measures for north Bannock County. If our groundwater becomes contaminated to the point of exceeding the safe drinking water standards, it will be a very expensive burden on our residential and business communities.


It can be difficult to determine which local, state, and federal regulations apply to your residential or business activity. Homeowners, businesses, and developers can use the toolboxes above to navigate the regulations that protect our drinking water.

Protect Our Aquifer… We Drink It!

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