Bannock County Groundwater

Our Drinking Water Source

Portneuf Valley from the Northwest

Our drinking water comes from the Lower Portneuf Valley Aquifer, groundwater which is located directly beneath the Cities of Pocatello and Chubbuck. None of our drinking water comes from the Portneuf or Snake Rivers.

Mountain snowpack in the Bannock Range south of Kinport Peak provides the largest component of recharge (replenishment by the absorption or refilling of water) to the aquifer. Snowmelt seeps into the ground and flows by gravity through pore spaces in the rock and soil, eventually ending up in the aquifer beneath the valley floor.

The picture above is an aerial view into the Lower Portneuf Valley from the northwest, looking southeast toward the Portneuf Gap. Scout Mountain appears in the top center of the image.  The Simplot Don Plant lies in the lower right hand corner.

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