Bannock County Groundwater

For Kids & Teachers

Curriculum and Ideas

Three-dimensional Groundwater and Surface Water Models – Teaching Aids

These models can be borrowed for classroom use from the Idaho Department of Environmental Quality. Contact Shannon Ansley at 208-236-6160.


Aquifer (groundwater) model

Watershed (surface water) model

Video Resources

The Story of Groundwater

A musical animation that teaches the importance of groundwater to all living things — including people — and how to help protect this hidden resource. This educational and humorous cartoon is designed for kids and adults. YouTube contains numerous similar animations and educational videos.

TV Public Service Announcements

Water Week

The City of Pocatello Water Week Open House is typically held the 1st week in March.  During a tour of the Pocatello Water Department shop, participants will learn more about the quality and source of our drinking water and what we can do to help keep our drinking water clean.  Participation is free. Families and groups are invited. The building is open until 7 or 8 p.m. Contact Debbie Green at 208-234-6182 for the 2012 schedule and hours.

Free Speakers and Presentations

  • Bannock County Landfill staff: Topics include the County Landfill and household hazardous waste disposal. Call 208-236-7400 for more information.
  • City of Pocatello Water Department staff: Topics include water conservation. Call Cindy Campbell at 208-234-6176 for more information.
  • City of Pocatello Environmental Division staff: Topics include water quality and other city environmental issues. Call Hannah Sanger at 208-234-6158 for more information.
  • Idaho Department of Environmental Quality staff: Topics include water quality and quantity, plus classroom activities such as the Incredible Edible Aquifer. Call 208-234-6162 for more information.


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