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Bannock County GIS Mapping Department

Bannock County GIS Department

GIS Manager:  Cyndi Andersen, GISP    Email

GIS Department Staff:
    Heather Studley 
    Alex Main

Office Hours: Monday – Thursday (7am - 5:30pm);            Closed on Friday

Office Location:
    5500 S 5th Avenue
    Pocatello, Idaho 83204

What is GIS?
   Mapping with data….
Geographic (or Geospatial) Information Systems is a collection of databases that contain information related to the location of anything. This spatial reference is what makes GIS data unique and allows it to be visualized or mapped.

Mission Statement:  We endeavor to develop and maintain accurate geographic data for Bannock County and our various business partners. This is accomplished through professional, collaborative efforts as we aim to provide prompt and effective data management.  Which includes the maps, tools and GIS services necessary to be productive, efficient, and informed.

GIS Data Requests:

Per Idaho Code 31-875 and Bannock County Resolution No. 2018-51, fees are required for certain GIS data requests .

    Free Basic Parcels - download Parcels.shp  (contains Parcel ID, size, edit date)

    Request other GIS data - complete and submit the GIS Data Request Form

Bannock County Online Maps
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Parcel Viewer Map
Planning Map
Commissioners Districts Map
Tax Code Areas App Map
Bannock County GIS Department - Geographic Information Systems
Polling Places & Precincts Map
Surveyor References Map
Recreation Sites Map
Public Access Roads Map

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