6th District Court in Bannock County Idaho

 Bannock County Domestic  Violence and Sexual Assault Task Force

** 24 Hour Hotlines – GET HELP NOW **

Hot Line 251-HELP (208-251-4357) ||   Línea Española de la Crisis – 208-681-8715

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DVSA Mission Statement

The purpose of this Task Force is to provide an effective, coordinated community response to incidents of domestic violence, stalking, and sexual abuse.

VineLink - Look for offenders and register for changes to their custody status.

Look for offenders and register for changes to their custody status.


Idaho Coalition Against Sexual and Domestic Violence Website


Love Is Not Abuse – Teen Dating Abuse Prevention

A Grassroots Coalition Encouraging Dating Abuse Education in Schools

 Idaho Sixth District Community Guide

Information on counseling services, health and disability services, legal aide, nutritional programs, child development programs, public schools and more. 

Idaho Statutes:
Idaho Domestic Violence Statutes
Attempted Strangulation
StalkingSex Crimes
Human Trafficking 

What About My Children?

DV and Children Facts 
Help for Children?
Story Books for Children Who Have Witnessed Family Violence


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