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Exciting news! We are eliminating the Q-Less virtual line system to make things simpler for walk-in visitors. Starting October 2nd, walk-ins at the DMV will just need to take a ticket from the machine in the front lobby and wait for their number to be called.

We are also upgrading our appointment scheduling system. You can still make appointments up to October 2nd using our current system.

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The Idaho Transportation Department’s Division of Motor Vehicles integrated into the new processing system in October 2020 called the GEM System. The new system has temporarily slowed vehicle registration and title processing in all county offices. ITD has been working diligently since then to correct issues and offer enhancements to speed up transaction times for our patrons.

The environment we are living in has changed drastically in the last year and a half and we are doing our best to still continue to offer the best service that we can. We are currently still able to utilize certain options that were given under “Covid-19” as allowances from ITD when assisting our patrons with title processing, such as virtual vin inspections. As a county partner, we have also been working to offer alternative options in our office to our patrons for registration whenever possible. These options include:

  • Introducing a new virtual line through our vendor QLESS to allow customers to schedule a future date appointment for a guaranteed time or to be able to check in for same day service and know what the wait time is, rather than standing in a physical line for extended periods.
  • Offering drop-box services where customers can drop off their registration renewals rather than mailing or coming in to the office. The drop-box is currently located in front of the Bannock County Courthouse on East Center St. It is a white box labeled “property tax and license plates”. We are offering drop-box options to our dealer and financial partners as well where their representative can place the work being processed in this same box.
  • Offering registration renewal by phone. You can call our office and verify a few points of personal information to renew your registration with us this way and have it mailed out to you. The only form of payment accepted for this is credit card at this time. Our main contact number is 208-236-7200.
  • Call back registration (stil in pilot program – limited at this time) for our dealership partners and their customers. 

We appreciate everyone’s continued support and patience as we work to serve our patrons better. Your time is important to us, so please make sure that you have your driver’s license or ID with you for your registration renewal and see our frequently asked questions tab for information on what to bring with you when processing other transactions.

Please be aware that we do offer the issuance of personalized plates, specialty plates, veteran/military plates, and disability plates in this office. You can download and fill out the application for these by using the attached form/link at the bottom of the page. 

ITD DMV online services are available 24/7 at These services will charge a 3% credit card vendor fee in addition to the online convenience fee on each transaction. That fee that starts at $1.50 and increases based on the type/amount of the transaction. These fees are collected by ITD and Access Idaho, not Bannock County.

Q: Why does the renewal notice have an address to return to ITD and not my local county? Can I still mail it to the county or use the new drop box?

A: In January, the Idaho Transportation Department made some changes to the renewal notice due to a new centralization process at headquarters. This process now has ITD processing all mail in renewals and online renewals that the county once processed for you. The introduction of this centralization is an effort on their part to make the process uniform across the state and provide faster renewal turn-around times on average statewide. You are not required to mail it to ITD. The county is still processing registration transactions regardless of the changes made by ITD for the mailing. You can mail them directly to us at Bannock County Motor Vehicles, PO Box 4969, Pocatello, ID  83205. You can also drop the completed check/money order and coupon in an envelope into our new drop boxes that are posted in the south parking lot next to our building. You are also still welcome to call and renew by phone using a credit/debit card or to come in to the office and renew. 

Q: Why did my renewal notice change and now shows 4 different prices?

A: As stated before, in January, the Idaho Transportation department made some changes to the renewal notice due to a new centralization process at headquarters. They chose to make the renewal notice more transparent, as they felt one of the biggest complaints that they received was that the price in office was never what was listed on the notice. This was due largely in part to the different credit card vendors and vendor processing fees across the state. ITD has listed out the mail in price for 1 year that you would complete your check or money order for. They have given you the website/online price that includes credit card transaction fees and convenience fees. They then have listed the QR code fee that goes directly through them, and this quotes you with a credit card transaction fee. The last amount listed is the in-office amount. This amount, like the others, reflects an addition processing fee just in case you were to use a credit/debit card in office. If you are paying cash or with a check, then the amount will be 3% less. If you are renewing in office with a check, we encourage you not to fill out the amount on your check until you are in front of us, as the amount on the notice will not be accurate.

Q: Do I have to schedule an appointment?

A: No. We still have a same-day service line that you can check into every day. You can, however, schedule an appointment for a guaranteed date and time that works for your schedule if you choose to do so. You do this by clicking this link to “Join Today’s Line or Schedule an Appointment.” Recently we changed our appointment options to where you can schedule for available “same day” appointments or schedule for a future date up to 45 days out. This was a change that our patrons had asked for, and we were able to make possible. Thank you all for continuing to suggest ways to make this service better!

Q: Are you open on Fridays? What are your hours?

A: Yes, we are open on Fridays! Our hours of operation are Monday-Friday, 8:00am to 4:30pm. We are closed on all federal holidays.

Q: What forms of ID do you accept in order to title/register a vehicle in Idaho?

A: An Idaho Driver’s License, Idaho ID card, IDOC card, Concealed Weapons License. Any other government issued ID will work as well such as an out of state driver’s license or ID card, passport, VISA, consulate card, etc. if you also have a valid Social Security Number or ITIN. If you are unable to get an ITIN or are in the process and have yet to be approved, we would need a denial letter from the SSA in order to proceed. Please see the brochure posted: “Personal Information Requirements for Titling and Registering a Vehicle”. 

Q: What do I need to bring with me in order to renew my vehicle registration in person?

A: You will need your driver’s license or other government issued ID. If the registration is for a family member and you are not listed on the vehicle as an owner, please bring a copy of that family member’s ID (ie: a picture on your phone) with you to process with us. Also, having the plate number or a copy of the old registration is helpful in locating the correct vehicle, but this is not necessary.

Q: Do I have to come in to the office in person to renew my registration?

A: No. There are many options available for renewing your registration. You can mail in the registration coupon at the bottom of your notice with a check or money order. This address has recently changed, please see the other frequently asked questions for explanation. If you do not wish to mail it, you can also place this registration coupon and your check and money order in an envelope and then put it in the drop box that is posted in our south parking lot, next the building. You can call our office directly and renew your registration over the phone by paying with a credit or debit card. Please make sure you have your driver’s license number for verification when using this option. Our credit card vendor does charge a 3% fee on the balance being charged just like when you use this payment option in the office. The Idaho Transportation Department offers the option for you to renew your registration online at their website or by using their new QR code on the renewal notices (please be aware that both of these options include a percentage charged for using a credit or debit card, and the website also charges you a transaction/convenience fee as well). All of these listed options result in the new registration document and decals being mailed to you.

Q: Why should I get a weighted registration on my truck (or large SUV)?

A: The standard passenger license plates in Idaho only cover you for a total weight of 8000lbs. If you will or could exceed that weight on the roadway with your vehicle and what you are towing or loaded with, then you will want to get a weighted registration. The only item being towed with your vehicle that is exempt from this rule is a 5th wheel camp trailer or bumper pull camp trailer. These weights can be set anywhere from 8001lbs to 16000lbs on the first level and between 16001lbs to 26000lbs at the 2nd level. Additional weighting that exceeds those listed is also available.

Q: Is a weighted plate and registration automatically considered commercial?

A: No. We offer non-commercial weighted vehicle plates and registration and commercial weighted vehicle plates and registration. If you are only using the vehicle for personal use, and no business or commercial use, then we would recommend the non-commercial option. If you will be using it for commercial or for both commercial and personal use, then we would recommend the commercial registration. Non-commercial weights can be applied anywhere from 8001-60000lbs at the county office. We are limited to 26000lbs max registered weight on commercial vehicles at the county level and anything over that must register at port of entry.

Q: Can I do title work online?

A: No. There is currently no option to process title work online with ITD or the county.

Q: How much does it cost to title a vehicle?

A: The Idaho Title fee is $14.00. If the title is from out of state or we are providing a conditional registration while you are waiting on the title from the seller, a vin inspection will be required and the cost on that is $5.00. You will pay 6% Idaho sales tax on the purchase price of the vehicle. If the purchase was made more than 30 days ago you may be assessed a penalty of $20 as well.

Q: I have purchased a vehicle privately, what do I need in order to transfer the title into my name and register the vehicle?

A: You will need a signed title from the seller. If the title is not signed, then you will need a bill of sale from the seller that includes the vehicle identification number (VIN), vehicle description, amount the vehicle was sold for, a date of sale, and a signature from the seller. This can be an original or verified copy. If the title is an out of state title, then you will need a VIN inspection completed. This can be done by the technicians in our office or by any officer of the law. The charge for a VIN inspection is $5. We only collect for VIN inspections done by our technicians and the Bannock County Sherriff’s. You will pay directly to any other agency that conducts the VIN inspection. (Please verify that the seller you meet with is in fact the titled owner on the title before completing your transaction with them. Idaho does not allow for us to skip ownership, so if the person you are purchasing from is an in-between owner, and not printed as an owner on the title, let them know they must title the vehicle first before you will purchase it. Unfortunately, this happens way more often than we can express. Please see the attached brochure: Top 10 Title and Registration Tips to Avoid Trouble.)

Q: I purchased a vehicle from an Idaho Dealership. What do I need to bring in order to title and register the vehicle?

A: The dealership will apply for your title on your behalf. They should have provided you with a pink copy of the Application for Certificate of Title in your documents. Please bring this with you when you come to register the vehicle. It is required to build the registration off of this document, and adjustments cannot be made to what is recorded on the document at that time.

Q: I purchased a vehicle from an out of state dealership. What do I need to bring in order to title and register the vehicle?

A: If you recently purchased it and have not yet received a call from us letting you know that your title work is here and you have not received it, you can come in with a copy of the contract of sale. Please also bring the vehicle with you so that we can complete the vin inspection (unless you have had an officer of the law complete one prior to coming – if so just bring that form with you as well). We will build a conditional registration (limited to 1 year) while we await the paperwork coming in. If you did receive a call from us or the paperwork from the dealer directly, bring in the paperwork you have and we will complete the whole process above with you for a full registration and title.

Q: I am a new resident to Idaho. How do I get my vehicle registered in Idaho?

A: If you hold the title to your vehicles, bring the title in with you, your ID (and a copy of the ID of anyone else on the title) and the vehicle for a vin inspection (or the form completed by an officer of the law). We will transfer your title to an Idaho Title (mailed out to you in 2-3 weeks) and register your vehicle accordingly. If your title is held by a lienholder/lessor bring in a copy of your most recent out of state registration, your ID (and a copy of the ID of anyone else on the registration) and the vehicle for a vin inspection (or the form completed by an officer of the law). We will build a conditional registration (limited to 1 year) and have you fill out a request form to fax, mail, or email to your lienholder/lessor to have the out of state title remitted to us with the return of an Idaho title.

Q: Do I need to bring proof of insurance in order to register my vehicle?

A: We do not require proof of insurance to register your vehicle normally. If you have received a registration suspension letter from the ITD Drive insured division, then we will need proof of insurance in order to lift the suspension and renew your registration.

Q: I was told my plates are on order, when will I received those?

A: ITD prints and mails out your plates to you currently. These normally take 4-6 weeks, however we inform customers that it could take up to 90 days to receive the plates. If you have not received them after 90 days, please stop by the office with your ID and we can order a new set to be printed and mailed.

We are proud to be an Idaho Parks and Recreation Vendor

The Bannock County Motor vehicle office proudly serves our patrons as vendor for the Idaho Parks and Recreation Department. We offer all permits in this office.


Pricing on permits is as follows:


  • Invasive Species (resident non-motorized) Annual Permit: $10.00
  • Invasive Species motorized – vessel not registered in Idaho: $30.00
  • Idaho Motorized Boat Annual Permit: $31.50 – $67.50+ (based on length of vessel)
  • Park ‘N Ski 3-day Permit: $7.50
  • Park ‘N Ski Annual Permit: $25.00
  • Snowmobile Annual Permit: $45.50
  • Snowmobile Bi-Annual Permit: $89.50
  • Off-Highway Vehicle Annual Permit: $12.00
  • Off-Highway Vehicle Bi-annual Permit: $22.50


*Some pricing was changed by the Idaho Parks and Recreation Department in 2021. As a vendor we do not set pricing.

* There have been many legislative changes in 2021 that affect these permits, including now offering a 2 year or bi-annual permit for OHVs and Snowmobiles. You can find this and more information about those changes at

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Our mission in the Bannock County Assessor’s Office is to provide outstanding customer service to every property owner through fair and equitable valuations, public outreach, education, and open communication and transparency based on the best practice standard of the appraisal industry.

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