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How Do I Drop My No Contact Order?

No Contact Orders vs Domestic Violence Orders

Resources for Victims 

File for a Civil Protection Order or Domestic Violence Order online

In criminal cases where someone has been arrested for Domestic Battery, the Victim Witness Coordinator (VWC) will contact victims to notify them of the offender's arraignment, No Contact Order (NCO) option and direct them to local community victim services. The VWCs work with prosecution to communicate with victims of domestic violence regarding charges and sentencing. 

The Victim Witness Coordinator for the Pocatello Police Department is Becky Rodriguez -  208-234-6515

The VWC for Bannock County (all cities other than Pocatello) and the city of Chubbuck is Tamela Manhart - 208-236-7280



Domestic Violence Assessments and Evaluations



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