Bannock County Courthouse in Pocatello Idaho

Watch these Instructional Videos BEFORE filling out forms!

Email your completed forms to: and the CAO Officer will review your forms and contact you directly with any suggested revisions.


  • Please scan forms into PDF form to email them.


  • If you do not have a scanner, you can use your smart phone by downloading a Free Scanning App from your APP store. Mobile Scan works well. Regular pictures won’t work. With a scanning app, you use your phone like you are taking a picture, but the app works differently, it scans just the document and nothing else around it, then it saves it in PDF(document) form instead of JPEG (photo) form.


Phone: 208-446-2450 


Text: 208-446-2450



NOTICE:  The Court Assistance Officer does not represent parties or any of their interests.  While confidentiality practices concerning anything discussed are utilized, it is not guaranteed.  The Court Assistance Officer may provide services to the opposing party/ies (other person/s involved in the same case).  The Court Assistance Officer can only give information; not interpretations of laws or strategies for any case.  If seeking representation, a confidential consultation, or legal advice, you will have to consult with a private attorney.


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