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Bannock County Jury Duty

Jury Duty

Idaho Court Systems Online Information/Materials
Handbook for Jurors

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In Bannock County, the term of service is one month. Grand Jury service can be up to six months. Each month between 700 and 1200 names are drawn at random by the computer from the Master Jury List and a Juror Summons/Qualification Form is mailed to each person. Qualified jurors call an answering machine each evening during their term of service to determine when they should report for jury duty. Upon arriving at the courthouse, jurors are given an orientation and assigned to a courtroom for the selection process.

Pursuant to Idaho Code section 2-206, the Jury Commission compiles a Master Jury List every 2 years by merging the Voter’s Registration List and the Driver’s License List.

Disqualification of Jury Duty

There are no automatic excuses or exemptions from jury service in Idaho. Idaho law provides that a person may be excused from jury service only upon a showing of undue hardship, extreme inconvenience, or public necessity and then only for a limited period of time after which the person must report for jury service in accordance with the court’s direction.

Upon request, qualified jurors may be excused if they have served as a juror within the past 2 years or if they are 70 years of age or older. Upon written request and a showing of good cause, qualified jurors may postpone their term of service to another term.

Prospective jurors are questioned by the judge and the attorneys to determine whether the prospective juror has any information concerning the case or opinions or attitudes which may cause the juror to favor or disfavor some part of the evidence or a party in the case.

Selected jurors have the duty to listen to the judge, the witnesses, and the lawyers; to deliberate calmly and fairly; and to decide intelligently and justly, based on the evidence presented in court.

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The Jury Commissioners office is closed from 12pm-1pm on Fridays.

Idaho Court Systems Online Information/Materials
Handbook for Jurors

Recorded message number: 

Bannock County Courthouse

624 East Center
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