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Bannock County Clerk


Jason Dixon

Jason Dixon


Jason Dixon was elected as Bannock County Clerk in 2018 after working as a Realtor in Southeast Idaho for 17 years. During his time as a Realtor, Dixon served as Director, Treasurer, and finally President of the Greater Pocatello Association of Realtors. Dixon is a lifelong resident of Pocatello and attended both Highland High School and Idaho State University.  During his time at ISU, he served in the Idaho Army National Guard. He loves to enjoy the outdoors with his wife Annie. Together they have four children: Connor, Jaycee, Eve, and Hope. 

About the Clerk’s Office

The Clerk has a multitude of responsibilites at the County. The Clerk is responsible for maintaining records of all governing body transactions, deeds and marriage licenses and most other public records. They also issue permits, marriage licenses, and passports. The Clerk is also responsible for coordinating and conducting elections. You can find the offices of the Clerk below.

Hours:  8 a.m. – 5 p.m., Mon – Fri
Office: 624 East Center, Room 211
Pocatello, Idaho 83201
Phone: 208-236-7358
Fax: 208-236-7345




The Clerk is the county’s chief budget and financial officer. The Auditor’s office manages all county revenues and payments and prepares the county’s payroll. Auditing staff prepares the annual county budget, monitors the budget’s execution, and prepares the county’s year-end financial reports.

Clerk of the Court

The Clerk provides clerical support for the courts and is responsible for the processing and maintenance of all court records generated and filed with the county’s District and Magistrate Courts. The Clerk administers the collection of fines, fees, and restitution payments assessed by the court. The Clerk manages the selection system for all juries.


Indigent Services

The Indigent Services office carries out the mandates of Title 31, Chapters 34 & 35 of Idaho Code. Financial assistance may be provided to Bannock County residents for the payment of some medical and non-medical expenses. The repayment of financial assistance is expected.

Clerk of the Commissioners

The Clerk assists the Commissioners with the transaction of county business, records all proceedings of the board, signs all orders and warrants, and attests to the actions of the board.



The Clerk is the county’s Chief Elections Officer. The Elections Office coordinates and conducts federal, state, county, and local taxing district elections. Elections office staff registers voters, maintains a database of registered voters, and provides voter information.


The Clerk’s Office is an accepting agency for U.S. Passports. Passport applications are available in the Clerk’s Office and are accepted for processing Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. excluding state holidays.


The Recorder’s Office records, indexes, and files documents upon payment of necessary fees. A record of all land deeds, including water rights, and adjudications are maintained in this office. Recording office staff issues marriage licenses and accepts passport applications.

For Public Records Requests click here.

Imaging Department

The Bannock County Clerk and Recorder is responsible for document management of the County. Within this capacity, we are striving to convert the organization to a more efficient operation through the use of imaging. We have used this technology to provide ease of use for our constituents and clerks, and provide a revenue stream to help reduce the tax burden on residents of the County. This system makes it possible for quicker access and retrieval, saving time for customers and clerks alike.

All land records created since 1999 have been scanned and can be Viewed Online by both clerks and the general public.Land records are sold to third parties for their database collections, which produces a minimum of $50,000 in revenue to Bannock County each year.

Judicial and Sheriff incident and filings are online for those with allowed access to the system.

Indigent records are now being scanned and available in the system for purposes of archiving.

All election registrations are available in the imaging system. This makes signature verification for petition requirements a more efficient process, as well as being able to track a resident’s concurrent registrations.

Helpful Information and Links

County Clerk

Jason C Dixon
Hours:  8am – 5pm, Mon – Fri
624 East Center, Room 211
Pocatello, Idaho 83201
208-236-7358  Office
208-236-7345 Fax



Perform the duties of the Auditor, County Clerk, Recorder, and Elections with integrity, accuracy, and efficiency while fostering a spirit of friendliness and cooperation and promoting the highest professional and ethical standards.

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