Bear Lake County

Bear Lake County Drug Court Information about Bear Lake County Drug Court will be posted here soon. Karen Volbrecht Ph: 208-945-2208 Ext. 23 Fax: 208-945-2780 Email

Oneida County

Oneida County Drug Court Information about Oneida County Drug Court will be posted here soon. Jill Davis Ph: 208-766-5001 Fax: 208-766-5002 Email

Franklin County

Franklin County Drug Court Information about Franklin County Drug Court will be posted here soon. Linda Hampton Ph: 208-852-0877 Ext. 25 Fax: 208-852-2929 Email

Caribou County

Caribou County Drug Court Information about Caribou County Drug Court will be posted here soon. Terri Stephens Ph: 208-547-2164 Fax: 208-547-4759 Email

Family Treatment Court

Family Treatment Court Information about Family Treatment Court will be posted here soon. Katie Avichouser Ph: 208-236-7419 Fax: 208-236-7011 Email

Juvenile Drug Court

Juvenile Drug Court Information about Bannock County Juvenile Drug Court will be posted here soon. Katie Avichouser Ph: 208-236-7419 Fax: 208-236-7011 Email

Power County

Power County Drug Court Information about Power County Drug Court will be posted here soon. JoAnn Martinez Ph: 208-220-2804 Fax: 208-236-7011 Email

Problem Solving Courts

SIXTH DISTRICT PROBLEM SOLVING COURTS Sixth Judicial District Counties Of Bannock-Bear Lake-Caribou-Franklin-Oneida-Power One Success story at a time.     JoAnn Martinez Sixth District Manager PH: 208-220-2804 FAX: 208-236-7011    The goals of Problem Solving Courts are to reduce the overcrowding of jails and prisons, to reduce alcohol and...

Veterans Treatment Court

Veterans Treatment Court Information about the 6th District Veterans Treatment Court will be posted here soon. JoAnn Martinez Ph: 208-220-2804 Fax: 208-236-7011 Email  

6th District Wood Court

6th District Wood Court Information about the 6th District Wood Court will be posted here soon. Katie Avichouser Ph: 208-236-7419 Fax: 208-236-7011 Email

Administrative Orders

Administrative Orders All documents below are in Adobe Reader PDF format.  2021 | 2020 |  2019  |  2018  |  2017  |  2016 2021 ADMIN ORDER 2021-01 NO ACCEPTANCE OF NEW BAIL BONDS FROM BANDIT BAIL BONDS ADMIN ORDER 2021-02 Prohibiting Jury Trials in Certain Counties March 1-5 2021 ADMIN ORDER 2021-03...

Court Directory

Sixth District Court Directory The 6th District Court is located in the Bannock County Courthouse. 6th Judicial District Court  624 East Center Pocatello, Idaho 83201 208-236-7238 Archives - Room 107 208-236-7279 Email Arraignment Office - Room 118 208-236-7238 Email Bannock County Court Services 746 E. Lander 208-236-7002 Bonds and Fines -...

Probation & Parole

Bannock County Probation & Parole Bureau Contact Us: Misdemeanor Probation/Court Services: 746 E Lander Pocatello, Idaho 83201 Phone: 208-236-7002 Felony Probation & Parole Bureau 1135 Yellowstone Ave, Suite K Pocatello, Idaho 83201 Phone: 208-237-9194 Map & Directions  

Bail Bonds

Bannock County Bail Bond Information The links with a PDF following them can only be read with the Adobe Acrobat Reader. Post a Bond for Someone at the Sheriff's Office or call 208-236-7111. So You Think You Want To Bail Someone Out Of Jail?   (PDF Version) Local Court Rules (PDF)    Law and Motion Dates...

Domestic Violence Court

Bannock County Domestic Violence Court Domestic Violence Criminal Court Civil Court – Protection Orders Family Court Services Domestic Violence Resources  The Bannock County Domestic Violence Court program provides a simplified court process of “one family one judge”, for cases involving domestic violence, through centralized case management, victim services and rapid...

DV Criminal Court

Domestic Violence Court  Misdemeanor Criminal Court Victims: How Do I Drop My No Contact Order? No Contact Orders vs Domestic Violence Orders Resources for Victims  File for a Civil Protection Order or Domestic Violence Order online In criminal cases where someone has been arrested for Domestic Battery, the Victim Witness...

DV Civil Court

Domestic Violence Civil Court Civil Protection Orders The following is the criteria for filing a Civil Protection Order:   I. RELATIONSHIP TO THE PERSON YOU ARE FILING AGAINST: In order to apply for a Civil Protection Order, the person you are filing against (the Respondent) must be: ____ Someone you are...

License Reinstatement

Reinstatement Requirements – Uninsured Motorist Suspensions Your driver’s license and/or driving privileges are being suspended for up to three (3) years following a conviction for failure to have or show proof of insurance, in accordance with Idaho Code sections 49-1229, 49-1232, or 49-1428. You may be reinstated at any time...

Infraction Trials

Traffic Infraction Court Trials You have been cited with an infraction and your case has been scheduled for a court trial. An infraction is a civil offense and is not a criminal matter. Because no jail penalty can be imposed, you are not entitled to a trial by jury. Although...

Traffic Tickets

Traffic Tickets / Infractions Bannock County Courthouse, Bonds and Fines624 E. Center, Room 215Pocatello, ID 83201 208-236-7273 New Ticket Information  (PDF)Court Trials in Infraction Cases Reinstatement Requirement – Uninsured Motorist SuspensionsReinstatement Application (PDF)    

Small Claims

Small Claims Court Bannock County Courthouse624 East CenterPocatello, Idaho 83201208-236-7275   All small claims forms are available on the Idaho Supreme Court Website Download Small Claims Forms    

Jury Instructions

Jury Instructions for AttorneysDUI Jury InstructionsNote:  This page will enable attorneys to accept pre-approved jury instructions provided by Judge Box in cases dealing with DUI’s.  These instructions can either be modified to fit individual legal matter by filling in the specific fields relating to the information of the case.  Once...

6th District Court

Welcome to the Sixth District Court Providing equal access to justice, promoting excellence in service, and increasing the public's trust and confidence in the Idaho courts. Make Court Related Payments Online Post a Bond for Someone at the Sheriff's Office or call 208-236-7111. Case Management Plans CPA Caseflow Management Sixth District Felony...

6th District Court Judges

Judges of the Sixth District Court District Court Judges Local Rules PDF Hon. Mitchell W. Brown 159 South Main/PO Box 775 Soda Springs, ID 83276 Telephone: 208-547-2146 Fax:: 208-547-2147 Court Reporter: Vacant 159 South Main Soda Springs, ID 83276 Telephone: 435-720-3691 Hon. Rick Carnaroli 624 East Center, Room 310  Pocatello, ID 83201 Telephone: 208-236-7244 Fax:...

Mental Health Court

Bannock County Mental Health Court JoAnn Martinez Ph: 208-236-7017 Fax: 208-236-7011 Email Mission Statement The goal of the Bannock County Mental Health Court (BCMHC) is to improve mental health, promote self sufficiency, reduce recidivism, and offer cost effective alternatives to incarceration and hospitalization for participants. The BCMHC provides community protection...

Drug Court

Felony Drug Court Misty Humphries 624 East Center #307 Pocatello, Idaho 83201 Ph: 208-236-7415  Fax: 208-236-7011 Email Application Packet Participant Agreement New Combined Handbook

Court Resources

Court Resources Other District Courts in Idaho First Judicial District Court Second Judicial District Court Third Judicial District Court Fourth Judicial District Court Fifth Judicial District Court Seventh Judicial District Court    


Misdemeanors You Have Been Charged with a Misdemeanor–What Happens Now? This page provides basic information about what typically happens in cases where a person is charged with a misdemeanor criminal offense. It is not a complete description of the judicial process, the laws that apply in criminal cases, or the...


SentencingExcept for minor offenses, such as infractions, the law gives the judge a great deal of latitude in determining the sentence. The character and circumstances of the defendant can be as important as the severity of the crime determining what sentence will be imposed.Procedurally, the sentence is imposed after a...

Criminal Court

Sixth Judicial Court Criminal Court Drug & DUI Court Mental Health Court Juvenile Drug Court You Have Been Charged – What Happens Now? Sentencing Criminal Forms Agreement of Supervision 6-12-20 AOS Sep 2020 - IDOC - Spanish Sex Offender AOS Sep 2020 - Spanish Guilty Plea Advisory Form 6-12-20 PSI Face...

What Happens

What Happens in a Civil Case A civil lawsuit involves disputes between private individuals and/or organizations. The facts of the dispute could involve a contract, a lease, a physical injury experienced by an individual, a divorce, or many other issues. Nonetheless, all disputes or unresolved conflicts between individuals and ultimately...

Clerk of the Court

Clerk of the District Court - Jason C. Dixon The Clerk of the District Court is responsible for the records generated and filed with  the District and Magistrate Courts of Bannock County. Within this  department are the offices of Bonds and Fines and Court Records. These  offices are responsible for...

Civil Cases

General Civil Case InformationWhat happens in a Civil Case?Anatomy of a TrialCivil Case Mediators  

Anatomy of a Trial

Anatomy of a Trial Once a case has proceeded to the point where it is set to go to trial, a choice must be made whether or not to call a jury. Use of a jury depends on the type of case and the decisions of the parties involved. Most...

Bail Someone Out of Jail

SO YOU THINK YOU WANT TO BAIL SOMEONE OUT OF JAIL? What is bail? Bail or bond is an amount of money in cash or surety bond for the purpose of making sure that a particular person attends all required court appearances. Bail allows an arrested person (defendant) to be released...