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Bannock County wraps up BOE and property assessment appeal process

by | Jul 18, 2023 | Assessor Press Releases, Commissioner Press Releases, Highlights, Newsroom

Bannock County recently wrapped up the annual property assessment appeals and Board of Equalization process.

Every year, property owners are given a chance to appeal their property’s assessed value after receiving their assessment notices from their county Assessor’s Office.

Bannock County Assessor Anita Hymas, who is in her first year in office, asked property owners who disagreed with their assessed value to discuss their concerns with the appraisers in the Assessor’s Office before appealing.

“If someone’s basement is unfinished, we don’t know that because we don’t enter homes when we’re assessing their value. Having people talk to us about their property is a huge benefit to everyone involved, so we can help them avoid the process of appealing their values,” Hymas said.

Hymas said she and her staff helped more than 500 people with their assessed values by phone, email, or in person. Through communicating with the property owners, appraisers adjusted about 350 parcels assessed value. 

“I’m so proud of my staff and their strong customer service. We spoke to so many people in a three-week window, and the majority of those conversations were positive,” Hymas said.

Of those who were unable to come to an agreement with an appraiser, more than 200 parcels belonging to about 90 people were formally appealed to the Board of Equalization. The Board upheld the assessed value for 179 parcels and adjusted 55 parcels.

Newly-elected Commissioner John Crowder said he felt very positive about his first year serving on the Board of Equalization and attributes the drop in appeals to the work of Assessor Hymas and her staff.

“It is clear that they worked diligently to ensure that appraisals were fair and accurate. Beyond this, Anita and her staff engaged with their constituents,” Crowder said.

“They held numerous public meetings throughout Bannock County.  They met with individuals who questioned the values placed on their properties to explain the process and showed a willingness to make changes where appropriate. The positive experience I had was a direct result of the leadership and willingness to engage with the public that Anita and her team demonstrated,” Crowder said.

“I sure appreciate the Assessor and her office in their efforts to have their doors open and talk with people about their assessments. Because of that, the number of appeals was way down compared to previous years. I’m grateful to everyone who worked hard to make this process a success this year,” said Commissioner Ernie Moser.

“My staff and I are especially grateful to the Commissioners for their support. Thanks to the great relationship between our offices, this process went smoothly and was a positive experience for all involved,” Hymas said.

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