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Bannock County activates regional EOC to assist in Southeast Idaho severe weather challenges

by | Apr 26, 2023 | Commissioner Press Releases, Highlights, Newsroom

Bannock County has activated a regional Emergency Operations Center (EOC) to assist in addressing the severe weather challenges in southeast Idaho.

Bear Lake and Franklin Counties have declared emergencies and are working in partnership with the regional EOC and the Idaho Office of Emergency Management. Bingham, Caribou, and Oneida Counties are also on standby to provide assistance if needed.

“This is a reciprocal assistance, we’re supporting our neighboring counties because it’s the right thing to do,” said Wes Jones, Emergency Director for Bannock County. “This severe weather has increased our attention to flood potentials and impacts to the community.”

To provide support and assistance, Bannock County’s EOC group is sharing information by creating a regional Incident Action Plan and situational reports, supporting operational planning efforts, and gathering information about damages.

“We need the public to be our eyes and ears around the area to help us identify any damages. We’ve set up a Survey123 link to make it easy for you to report damages,” said Jones.

To report severe weather or flood damage in Bannock County, please visit or

To report severe weather or flood damage in Franklin and Bear Lake Counties, please visit

Bear Lake County emergency partners are working with the west side of Bear Lake County homeowners’ associations to ensure they are fulfilling their obligation to minimize flood risk to homes.

Franklin County emergency partners are working to protect the wastewater treatment plant in Preston from flood risk, as it is downstream from Glendale Reservoir in the Worm Creek drainage. They are also providing emergency protective measures in and around county roads.

Both counties are coordinating with water resource managers to provide mitigation measures to minimize the flood risk downstream.

The EOC group are meeting multiple times a week to manage resource needs, evaluate progress, and troubleshoot emergent needs. The EOC was activated on Monday, April 24, and will remain in place until Tuesday, May 2, or until the threat subsides.

Bannock County residents can pick up free, empty sandbags from the following locations during regular business hours. After collecting a sandbag, residents can fill their bags for free at the following locations at any time. View sandbag pick-up and filling locations here:

Franklin County residents can pick up sandbags at 186 W 200 N in Preston. For more information, visit

Bear Lake County residents can pick up sandbags at the following locations:

For additional information to help you prepare for possible flooding, visit and review the Flood Guide under “Family Preparedness.”

Bannock County residents can sign-up to receive emergency and weather notifications here:

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