Bannock County Courthouse in Pocatello Idaho

Property Tax Information

Bannock County residents often have questions regarding their taxes. While the county is responsible for the collection and allocation of many taxes, it does not set the rate for any except property tax. See below to find out which Bannock County elected official can best answer your tax questions.


Computes and issues real property tax valuation and notices, administers the appeals process, reconciles tax collections, and conducts the annual tax sale of delinquent properties.

Responsible for assisting all governments in establishing tax rates and receipt settlement of all monies due.


Responsible for the equitable and fair assessment of all taxable properties in Bannock County. Annually determines fair market value for residential, commercial, and other taxable property. 

Personal property value is based upon Tax Commission schedule.


Responsible for the billing, collection and distribution of real property taxes to school districts, cities, libraries, etc. across the entire county.


Generates the countywide parcel (property) maps. The lots and dimensions maps are derived from recorded deeds and exhibits contained in the public record. This information along with ownership identification is updated by staff as needed on a daily basis. Recorder also provides updated maps and information to the Assessor’s Office.


Protects and perpetuates the location and integrity of the Public Land Survey System, which is the basis for mapping the parcels (properties) and tax districts. It supports the other tax offices when discrepancies relating to parcel mapping and tax district boundaries are discovered.

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