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Bannock County Alcohol and Catering Permits

What is a catering permit and for what is it used?

An alcohol beverage catering permit is a permit which authorizes the permittee to serve and sell liquor, beer, or wine outside city limits but within Bannock County (such as the fairgrounds). If the event is to be held within the city limits, the permit is to be obtained from the city only.

What kind of alcohol can be served at the event?

The kind of alcohol that can be sold at the event depends on the caterer.  The caterer can only sell the kind alcohol that he/she is licensed to sell.  In other words if he/she only has a license to sell beer then only beer can be sold and served at the event.

Where can I get a catering permit?

The application for a catering permit can be obtained at the Bannock County Courthouse, in the Auditor’s office, room 104.

What information is needed for the catering permit?

The following information is needed for completion of the catering permit:

(1) The name and address of the applicant and the number of his/her state liquor, beer or wine license (can be obtained at the Auditor’s office -Room 104).

(2) The dates and hours during which the permit is to be effective, not to exceed three consecutive days.

(3) The names of the organizations, groups, or persons sponsoring the event.

(4) The address at which the liquor, beer or wine is to be served, and if in a public building, the rooms in which the liquor, beer or wine is to be served.

How long does it take to get the catering permit?

Even though it only takes a few minutes to fill out the catering permit, the processing of the permit takes about a week to ten days.  The permit must be approved and signed by the Sheriff and a County Commissioner. There are occasions when these officials are out of town,therefore we urge you to allow ample time for processing of the catering permit to guarantee it will be ready in time for the event.

How much does a catering permit cost?

Catering permits are $20 per day of the event.  The event cannot exceed three days.

Do I need an alcohol catering permit to have my own family event in a public place?

You must have a catering permit if any of the alcohol is going to be sold at the event.  Check with the Sheriff’s department to see what laws and regulations apply.

How can I get an application for an alcohol license?

The application for an alcohol license may be downloaded on-line: 2024 Alcohol License Application

How much does an alcohol beverage license cost?

The yearly fee for an alcohol beverage license depends on what kind of alcohol you sell and the manner in which you are selling it.  The fees are subject to change from year to year but as of the year 2009 the fees are as follows:

Beer-Draft, Bottled, Canned, or Brewed consumed on premise – $100.00
Beer-Bottled, Canned consumed on premise – $75.00
Beer-Bottled, Canned, or Brewed consumed off premise – $  25.00
Wine-By the Drink –  $100.00
Wine-By the Bottle – $100.00
Liquor-By the Drink   1/4 of the fee charged by the State

Beer-Bottled, Canned consumed on premise is included in Beer-Draft consumed on the premise.  In other words, if you have Beer-Draft, Bottled, Canned to be consumed on the premise you only pay $100 fee for both.  If you sell anything to be consumed off the premise it is an additional $25.  The fee for liquor also includes any fee for wine, so if you pay a liquor fee the wine fee is included in it.

How long does it take to get an alcohol beverage license?

Even though it only takes a few minutes to fill out the application, the processing of the application can take a week to ten days. The application must be approved and signed by the Sheriff and a County Commissioner. There are occasions when these officials are out of town, therefore we urge you to come in well ahead of the expiration deadline to renew your alcohol license.

Who do I make the check out to?

Checks are payable to Bannock County.

When does the alcohol license expire?

All alcohol licenses expire on the 31st day of October of each year, regardless of when the license was purchased.  The license must be renewed before this date otherwise alcohol cannot be sold on November 1st.  Be sure to renew your license early as this process can take a week to ten days.

How do I renew my alcohol license?

To renew your County alcohol license you must complete an application for renewal.  This application is the same application as a new alcohol license application except you check the renewal box.  This application must be mailed or brought to the Auditor’s office with copy of your renewed State license and your payment.

What if there is a change of ownership or the company is sold?

If the business is sold or there is a change in ownership then a transfer application must be filled out.  The transfer application is the same as the new or renewal application and can be downloaded online or picked up at the Auditor’s office.  When filled out the transfer box on the top right should be checked.  There is a $20 per item fee for each fee item transferred.

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