Bannock County All Hazard Mitigation Plan Update

The Bannock County All Hazard Mitigation Plan is currently being updated. At this, the Plan is being presented for review. Please click the below link to download a copy of the February 2015 Bannock County AHMP Draft.

Bannock County Emergency Services

As a function of the Bannock County Sheriff's Office, the Emergency Services role is to create and implement programs to increase public awareness about threats and hazards, coordinate emergency planning, provide an extensive array of specialized training for emergency responders and local officials, and administer disaster recovery and hazard mitigation programs in Bannock County.

This site was created to act as a resource for both Bannock County personnel and the public. Please note that as this a new service, there may be changes and additional service to come in the near future.

Community Involvement

One of the goals of the Bannock County Emergency Services is to plan and prepare for emergency events in order to save lives and property. A key element to reaching this goal is community preparedness. It is vital that members of the Community are informed and prepared in the event of an emergency. Below are links to some guides that will help you know what to do in an emergency.

Family Preparedness

The Shoshone-Bannock Tribe Department of Public Safety has provided a Family Emergency Preparedness Guide. Families can use this guide to help prepare their home for an emergency situation. As many of us know, disaster can strike in an instant. Being prepared is the first defense your family can take.

What is a 100 year Flood?

Recently questions have arisen about what is a 100 year flood and how often one can happen. The National Weather Service Hydrologists that serve southern Idaho (Troy Lindquist - NWS Boise and Corey Loveland- NWS Pocatello) wanted to make sure you had this information at your fingertips when asked these questions as well as being able to share with your EOC team and elected officials. US Geological Survey (USGS) publication explaining flood recurrence intervals and additional information.