Bannock County Partners in Preparedness

The Bannock County Partners in Preparedness Program is an information and resource sharing partnership between Bannock County and the non-governmental agencies and private businesses. The Partnership is designed to be compartmentalized or easily expanded as the situation dictates. The primary goals of the Partnership are:

  • Develop multiple means of communicating information between the local government, non-government agencies (NGOs), and private businesses in our community in all phases of an emergency.
  • Provide a forum for collaboration between like-entities so that issues can be solved at the lowest level.
  • Establish joint training and exercise programs that involve “whole-community” preparedness and foster interest in non-governmental and private business emergency preparedness.
  • Make Bannock County an attractive place to live and conduct business by supporting and encouraging independent efforts to build community resilience.
  • Ensure the “most qualified entity is tasked to solve the problem”.
The Bannock County Partners in Preparedness Program is comprised of non-governmental agencies and private business that provide essential services to Bannock County residents. Training opportunities, exercises and important information about current threats are regularly extended to the Partners. During disasters, members of the Partnership are provided with near real-time information about response and recovery efforts so that they can more efficiently plan and execute their own recovery. In turn, they provide information about their own situation so that we can make realistic damage assessments, and more effectively focus our efforts. Lastly, the forum provides the local government with a pool of trained and equipped organizations from which it can draw resources and skilled labor to accomplish its goals.

View the Building Safer Communities - May 2012 LEPC Presentation

Emergency Planning for your Business

Below are some resources adapted from and Prepare My These templates are designed to aid you in creating an Emergency Response/Operations Plan for your business. Planning is a critical part of any business, and planning for an emergency can greatly impact the longevity of your company. Statistics show that 90% of all businesses affected by a disaster fail within one year, unless they are able to get back to operations within five days. (